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Adhesives are now an integral part of the world in which we live, and KLEIBERIT Adhesives is a manufacturing specialist whose commitment to innovation and customer service helps that world spin. That’s why we at Hotmelt.com are over the moon to announce our partnership with KLEIBERIT. We’re honored to provide some of their expertly manufactured PUR hot melt adhesives for your bookbinding, woodworking, automotive, product assembly, and other hot melt needs.

One of the biggest reasons we’re so happy to partner with KLEIBERIT Adhesives is that their product range is designed specifically to meet customer requirements. As big proponents of treating your customers like family, the Hotmelt.com team always appreciates a company that cares about making hot melt products that are safe and helpful for their loyal customers.

In addition, KLEIBERIT has one of the most exciting, modern, and innovative research and production centers in the adhesives industry. They’re constantly working with international customers to develop innovating adhesive systems, which perfectly aligns with our own mission to serve you the best products on the market, save you as much money as possible, and solve any hot-melt-related problem you’ve got.

As awesome as they are, customer service and innovation aren’t all that make KLEIBERIT Adhesives tick. We want to make sure you know the full story when you purchase KLEIBERIT products through Hotmelt.com, so here’s a little bit more about their contributions to the field of PUR hot melt adhesive, their ethical commitments, and their global reputation.

Advancing the PUR Field

In the last 25 years, KLEIBERIT Adhesives has become a global trendsetter in top-of-the-line PUR adhesive systems. They continue to significantly influence the market with innovative products and ideas. We agree with KLEIBERIT Adhesives that investing in research and development is the future. When you hear the KLEIBERIT name, you can rest assured that you’ll receive innovative, modern, and high-quality products partnered with competent and caring customer service.

Innovating with Customers in Mind

KLEIBERIT believes adhesives are the bonding technology of the future. That’s why they continue to provide new products for a wide field of applications using out-of-the-box innovation strategies. One such investment in the future is their technical center, which was opened in 2009. It’s a place where customers are invited to work closely with KLEIBERIT engineers and technical personnel to develop unique new solutions.

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Renown Gets Around

All around the world, customers trust and count on the quality and service provided by  KLEIBERIT Adhesives. That’s why they have sales offices representing the brand in some of the most booming marketplaces in the world. In addition to a variety of geographic markets, KLEIBERIT’s adhesives are useful in a variety of industries.

While they have bonding technology for almost any application, their specialties include the wood and plastic processing industry, the wood and furniture industry, the building industry, the automotive industry, the textile industry, and the paper processing industry.

KLEIBERIT’s Ethical Responsibilities

KLEIBERIT Adhesives is committed to sustainability in processes and procedures. Responsibility toward the environment and the people in research, development, production, and logistics is one of KLEIBERIT’s most important goals. At KLEIBERIT, products don’t just start with innovation; they’re accompanied by a demand for quality and environmental safety—both now and in the future.

Customer Satisfaction Comes First

At KLEIBERIT Adhesives, it’s clear that every customer is number one. With a worldwide presence and network of sales engineers, they’re able to provide customers with solutions and offers designed to meet their specific needs. By working closely with machine and material manufacturers, KLEIBERIT Adhesives is able to offer practical and innovative adhesive systems which meet a variety of international standards and norms.

In addition, KLEIBERIT Adhesives has an intelligent logistics concept with a modern, fully automated, high-rack warehouse that ensures product is always available at the right time and in the right place.

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KLEIBERIT Adhesives isn’t just about dominating the adhesive world and breaking trends when it comes to PUR hot melt adhesive systems. We’re proud to partner with KLEIBERIT because they’re able to innovate on a global level without ever losing sight of what’s important in adhesives—the people.

Whether you have corporate-level adhesive needs or are an individual hobbyist seeking the perfect hot melt for your labor of love, Hotmelt.com will strive to make sure that you get exactly what you need every time—whether it’s one of our thousands of specialized products (including those from KLEIBERIT Adhesives) or expert guidance from our team of seasoned professionals.

Reach out to the Hotmelt team today to find out more about our partnership with KLEIBERIT Adhesives or get your burning (pun intended) hot melt questions resolved!

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