and Rextac APAO hot melt partnership Expands APAO Hot Melt Offering with Rextac

Rextac and are teaming up to provide consumers with even more hot melt options. More specifically, will be expanding their offering of APAO bulk hot melt adhesives from Rextac. And the really big news is that the price and product offering are unparalleled for the holt melt adhesives category. Currently, has a few APAO bulk hot melt options, but according to Rextac and, Rextac's products and prices will start creating much more competition in the category. 

About Rextac

Rextac is a Texas-based producer of polymers. The company has distinguished itself from competitors through its proprietary catalyst and Liquid Pool production process. These factors allow Rextac's polymers to have the widest range of performance and physical properties. And this type of flexibility means that Rextac clients are able to get customized polymer, whether for a formulation or to be used neat, that meets strict standards and fits specific applications. All Rextac does is adjust the levels of butene and ethylene in the polymer and they can increase or decrease the adhesion, softening point, tensile strength and open time.

Rextac was also able to formulate polymers that are compatible with everything from waxes, tackifiers and solvents to other polymers and many styrene block copolymers. This type of universality makes it a convenient options for adhesive manufacturers, since polymers can be a reliable manufacturing backbone for sealant systems and hot melt adhesives. 

Rextac's polymers, while they can be used by most industries, are most commonly used in wires and cables, furniture, building and construction, polymer modification, packaging, transportation, assembly, and non-woven textiles. The Rextac polymers can take extensive stress and show incredible adhesion to fiber, paper, polyurethane foam, polypropylene and polyethylene. And because their viscosity can range from anywhere from 4 hundred to 15 thousand cps, customers have the option of applying it through spray, pump, roll coating or slot. 

Rextac is ISO 9001:2008 certified, with offices and labs in America and provider contacts in Japan and China. Historically, their main goal has been to provide creative solutions, competitive plans and systematic and meticulous processes in order to exceed client expectations. So far, Rextac has been able to accomplish this by building up an experienced and knowledgable staff and using state of the art laboratories. In order to continue exceeding client expectations, Rextac has decided to partner with

About is a company that proudly proclaims that they are "glue nerds". For more than 25 years, this adhesive producer has worked with companies and individuals to find hot melt solutions for their work project or leisure hobby. They have thousands of specialized products and are able to provide the best hot melt guidance. And all of this from their Minneapolis-based headquarters or multitude of U.S. satellite locations. Within the sector of adhesives, mainly specializes in bulk hot melt, hot melt sticks and PUR, or polyurethane, hot melt. Customers can expect to find everything from glue guns and glue sticks to dispensing equipment and nozzles and accessories.

As previously mentioned, not only provides adhesive products to customers, they also provide advice. There are experts available for individuals to call in and ask questions or get advice on woodworking, high volume packaging, product assembly, industrial adhesive applications, contractor solutions, and adhesives for hobbies and crafts.'s professional staff is happy to talk current or potential customers through different cost saving solutions and adhesive options. wants to provide customers with the best information and the best products. For this reason, they work with high quality brands, like Steinel, Surebonder, Infinity, CastTEC, Graco, Nordson, ITW and Slautterback. is best summed up as a one stop shop for anyone with nearly any adhesive need. They are able to provide great prices for any size order. This allows individuals who just need a little glue for their part time hobby or big corporations who need vats of glue for an ongoing project to shop in the same place and get exactly what they need at the best possible price. And since it's not always about the actual glue, provides other items including glue guns and dispensing equipment, replacement parts for glue guns or dispensing equipment, and other accessories. 

About Rextac APAO

APAO stands for Amorphous Poly Alpha Olefins. It is a polyolefin polymer that is used for adhesive purposes. Rextac has been carrying these APAOs for more than 3 decades, but due to several market variables many companies are seeing that now is a good time to try this unique polymer. The polymer's uniqueness comes from the fact that it has a low melt viscosity, it has good cohesive strength, the substrates have sufficient wettability, it has a wide range of open times, it boasts both good UV and thermal stability, it has a low odor, and it is extremely compatible with raw materials that are chemically similar. 

The main reason that, and others, are seeing the benefits of Rextac's APAOs is cost. The price of petrochemical raw material feedstock has gone up and the availability has gone down. Another price raiser was the shift from heavy ethylene cracker feedstock to lighter ethylene cracker feedstock, making higher carbon derivatives less common and more expensive. Rextac APAO's price can remain competitive because it uses propylene, ethylene/butene, which are more readily available and much less expensive. Also, adhesives that Rextac APAO is used to make can use more polymer, which is inexpensive, and less of other pricier ingredients. 

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