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In case you didn’t know, we’re big fans of Henkel, around here. We’ve covered everything from choosing between the company’s wide assortment of hot melt adhesives to tips on achieving great results with its TECHNOMELT line of hot melt adhesives.

Since Henkel opened its doors over a century ago, it has been devoted to providing great customer service and innovation in a variety of fields. Yet what truly sets them apart from competitors in the adhesive and sealant industry is how they promote sustainability and social responsibility.

As such, it was no surprise to us when we learned that a selection of Henkel’s industrial cleaning products are biodegradable and free of Class I ozone-depleting chemicals—but Henkel’s TECHNOMELT industrial cleaners give back to the environment in more ways than one.

Why Does Clean Equipment Matter?

Switching to a new adhesive, taking a break between hot melt applications, and just regular maintenance all call for a thorough cleaning of your hot melt equipment. Keeping your equipment running smoothly matters for a variety of reasons, ranging from your own personal safety to the bottom line at your business.

For Its Longevity

Henkel’s TECHNOMELT aqueous and solvent-based industrial cleaners give you peace of mind by fulfilling your need for equipment that is clean, reliable, and long-lasting.

Wear and tear will degrade your hot melt equipment to the point where it will no longer create reliable bonds. Regular cleaning and maintenance will increase the lifespan of your machinery and protect it from the degradation that results from char, dust, hair, and other materials that clog hot melt machinery.

For the Environment

Henkel’s TECHNOMELT cleaners extend the lifespan of hot melt equipment. By doing so, they do a great job of reducing waste and pollution in a multitude of industries.

For Your Safety

You’ll find that you’re able not only to operate your adhesive processing equipment more safely when it’s properly cleaned, but that it even increases your speed and productivity.

When your hot melt equipment malfunctions right in the middle of a project, it’s not only a threat to your productivity but to your safety, as well. When you’re on the clock, it’s hard not to be tempted to remove your safety gear and make risky repairs while your machinery is still full of piping-hot adhesive.

When applying hot melt, your safety relies on your ability to concentrate. Distractions caused by faulty equipment could easily tear your eyes away from your work and cause serious burns to you and other people or materials. 

For Better Savings

The longer your hot melt equipment lasts, the longer it can put money in your pocket. Faulty machines not only cause downtime but can cost a pretty penny when it comes time to repairing or replacing them. Purchasing cleaner and spending a few minutes maintaining your machines every once in a while is a lot more affordable than purchasing a brand new costly, top-of-the-line hot melt unit.

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How to Choose the Henkel Technomelt Cleaner That’s Right for Your Project

Henkel makes a variety of cleaning agents to keep your hot melt machinery in tip-top shape. Choose the best TECHNOMELT product for your business from its line of solvents created specifically for your PUR projects.

Henkel’s TECHNOMELT PUR Cleaner 2 and 4 come in slightly different viscosities to remove uncured PUR from hot melt equipment. Both varieties are suitable for all tank melters and are “reactive” to inhibit x-linking of TECHNOMELT PUR residue. Their blue color helps distinguish them from adhesives and other products.

Henkel’s TECHNOMELT PUR Cleaner 7 is a more powerful cleaning agent that works on cured PUR hot melt. This cleansing oil is intended to clean, condition, and extend the lifespan of rubber rollers. It has an in-roller dwell time of 30 minutes at 160°C to 170°C.

Henkel’s TECHNOMELT PUR ME Cleaner is another oil-based solvent suitable for cleaning melt tanks, hoses, pumps, and nozzle applicators. Because it removes charred, cured, and uncured hot melt residue, it’s a great product for equipment repairs and refreshes.

The PUR ME Cleaner can be reused in the case of regular maintenance. However, its reuse should be limited in the case of recirculation.

Henkel’s TECHNOMELT PUR Cleaner All-in-One gel is guaranteed to remove cured PUR hot melt adhesive on platens and in hoses and nozzles. Its dwell time is 30 minutes at 100°C in platens and tanks and 160°C in hoses and nozzles. 

Henkel’s TECHNOMELT PUR Cleaner 3030 & M-O-C is a powerful cleaning agent for hot melts and waterborne adhesives. It’s available in a spray to remove spots of adhesive residue and a canister to soak tougher jobs.

Henkel’s TECHNOMELT PUR Cleaner 785A is a wax and release agent. The white flake plasticizer cleaner can be used as an effective replacement for other forms of hot melt equipment cleaners.

Henkel's TECHNOMELT PUR Cleaner 3180 is a solid, lemon-colored flushing compound that effectively cleans hot melt adhesive equipment.

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How to Clean Your Hot Melt Equipment Properly

Because Polyurethane Reactive (PUR) hot melt begins to cure into a strong, permanent bond as it cools, it’s important to run your cleaning material immediately after you’re done dispensing adhesive to avoid damaging your equipment. Here’s how to clean your hot melt equipment to preserve its longevity and your safety:

Step 1

Make sure you’ve powered down your machine and purged as much adhesive as possible. This will help you cut down on the amount of cleaner you need to use.

Step 2

Add the cleaner and bring your equipment to heat. Turn the pressure pump on to move the cleaner through the system. Repeat until you’ve removed any adhesive remnants.

Step 3

Make sure to drain all the used cleaner before refilling your tank with fresh adhesive. Leftover cleaning agents can contaminate the next adhesive you use and keep it from curing properly.

As you can see, no matter the project, there is a Henkel TECHNOMELT cleaner for you. If you need help choosing or using the best cleaning agent for your PUR hot melt adhesive machinery, contact us for help.

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