Hanging Christmas lights with hot melt glue sticks and guns

Did you ever pass a home with outdoor decorations that were outstanding? You can have the same results by having your outdoor Christmas lights attached with a glue gun. Glue guns are extremely versatile tools for attaching and repairing loads of things in your home. Professional Christmas lighting decorators have one or more glue guns in their toolboxes. Tool guns in all types of configurations and prices are available.

Two that we at Hotmelt.com recommend for Christmas light decorating are:

Safety is one of the greatest features of using a glue gun for installing Christmas lighting. No cords dangling from your equipment to an outlet or extension cord. Professionals only have the lighting cord to deal with - and without the power cord for equipment it remains untangled, making the job easier and faster.

Process for Hanging Christmas Lights with Hot Melt

Glue Guns work best on brick and stucco surfaces. However they will work on metal, concrete, and other surfaces. If the hot melt does not work at first, try cleaning the surface where you plan on hanging the lights. Some surfaces are too smooth for the lighting to adhere to, if this occurs try using sandpaper or steel wool to roughen the bulb sockets.

Hotmelt recommends you use Power Adhesives 248 an acrylic glue stick. It is a standard temperature 1/2" hot melt that comes in 11 pound boxes. The glue is clear and will not clash with the colors of the lighting.


  1. If you are hanging lights over an arch, doorway, window, or roof line find the midpoint.
  2. If you install a few sockets at a time you will have a better chance of not getting glue on the lights
  3. Glue the light socket by placing the hot melt on the side of the bulb socket - it is a good idea to use more glue on the top part of the side of the bulb
  4. When you complete hanging the C9 use a slide on male plug on the supply side.
  5. On the other end, cutting, crimping and folding the end over and wrapping with electrical is one way to finish the cord off. But that is the wrong way! There is a better and safer way-install a female slide on receiving socket.

Removing the Lighting

The lights come off by sliding a putty knife between the light socket and the surface it attached to. Any left over residue will disintegrate during warm weather and exposure to sun.

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