Guide to Bulk Hot Melt for Spot-Pak Packaging Systems

The Delkor™ Spot-Pak™ shrink wrapping machine is rising in popularity in the packaging industry. Food containers in all different shapes and sizes can be packaged with Spot-Pak™ technology. Yogurt cups, sour cream containers and even milk cartons can be effectively and safely shipped - all thanks to hot melt adhesives!

What is the Delkor Spot-Pak Packaging System?

The patented Delkor Spot-Pak™ shrink wrapping machine is a proven package solution put to use on nearly 200 packaging systems every day. With Spot-Pak™ packaging, the product is attached to corrugated pads with temporary bond adhesive and then shrink wrapped in a variety of configurations.

Spot-Pak™ by Delkor™ is an innovative end-of-line packaging system. The unique packaging concept effectively expands the use of pad shrink to a large number of products that typically would be limited to shipment in corrugated trays or boxes. A key factor in flat pad packaging is how to control the stability of the product during the packaging process.

The Spot-Pak™ is a fully automated end-of-line system that loads and shrink wraps Spot-Pak™ shippers at production speeds suitable for most diary filling operations.

Hot Melt Adhesives and Spot-Pak Systems

A spot of hot melt adhesive is placed on a corrugated tray where the container will sit. The hot melt adhesives are vital in the Spot-Pak™ packaging system to ensure all of the items stay neatly in place before they can be shrink wrapped. At we carry the widest selection of Hot Melt Adhesives for packaging applications, finding the best adhesive can be complicated - feel free to reach out to our adhesive experts for a personalized hot melt recommendation.

Best-Selling Bulk Hot Melt for Spot-Pak Systems

The Infinity Bond E2290 is a premium, low-cost alternative to more expensive adhesive brands. This specially formulated adhesive is fully compatible with Delkor's Spot-Pak™ packaging system and delivers optimum bonds. Infinity Bond E2290 is a direct replacement to over-priced alternatives such as Bostik™ Spot Pak 2000, or 3000.

The Infinity Bond E2290 is specially formulated to bond the coated board. It will also bond other difficult substrates. It is characterized by good low-temperature flexibility and aggressive tack for optimum bonds. 

Why Choose Infinity Bond Hot Melt Adhesives?

The Infinity Bond motto is "better glue for less" which is exactly what they bring to their complete line of bulk hot Melt adhesives. Don't let the prices fool you, Infinity Bond hot melt's are every bit as good as the 'big guys' but they don't make you pay for simply having a big brand logo on the bottle.

Infinity Bond E2290 for Spot-Pak Automated Packaging Systems meet the same standards and are compatible with all Delkor™ Spot-Pak systems. Contact us with questions or for help with choosing the perfect hot melt adhesive for your packaging application.

Have questions about our the low-cost adhesive for Spot-Pak systems? We are here to help!

Choosing the correct adhesive for your packaging application is necessary to ensure the best bond possible.

The best way to choose a bulk hot Melt for packaging is to ask an adhesive engineer (like us!) and then get a sample for testing! is not affiliated with Spot-Pak™. The Spot-Pak™ name is used for comparison purposes only. is not affiliated with Bostik™. The use of the Bostik™ name is for comparison purposes only.

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