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Glue Gun Nozzles Guide

Glue Gun Nozzles Guide

Glue Gun Nozzles Overview

Hot glue guns have a variety of nozzles that can help you make your job easier. The standard glue gun nozzle can be used for product assembly, packaging, woodworking and crafts & hobbies. However, the standard nozzle might not necessarily be the best option for your application. Switching glue gun nozzles can improve your productiveness and overall application quality.

Things to think about when it comes to buying glue gun nozzles:

  • What size bead do you want?
  • What problems are you currently encountering during application?
  • What nozzle types does your specific glue gun offer?

Some Glue Gun Nozzle Ideas

You can shop all of our nozzles by type and manufacturer here.

Packaging Nozzles: 

Need more coverage or output for your packaging application. Check out the nozzles below for added production when case or carton closing.

  • T-Type 2 Hole Spreader Nozzle: produces twin beads
  • T-Type 3 Hole Spreader Nozzle: Creates 3 equally spaced bead lines
  • Large Fluted Nozzle Cap: increases hot melt output
  • L-Type Nozzle Cap: perfect for carton sealing (FOL-Full Overlap Cartons)

Product Assembly Nozzles: 

Product assembly is such a huge industry and each assembly has its own adhesive needs. Here are some nozzles that may fit your build better than the standard glue gun nozzle. 

  • Extended Nozzles: makes reaching a tough spot easier
  • Needle Nose Nozzles: increases precision
  • High Performance Nozzles: for applications that require precision

Bulk Dispensing Nozzles:

Swirl Nozzles: There are a plethora of swirl nozzles that have a different number of holes and diameters. These swirl nozzles are designed for precision dispensing and give you premium performance

You can shop all of our bulk hot melt nozzles here.

Have questions about the big wide world of nozzles? Contact one of our experts to discuss a nozzle that fits both your gun and application.