Glue Gun Nozzles Guide

Introduction to Glue Gun Nozzles

Hot glue guns have a variety of nozzles that can help make your job easier. The standard glue gun nozzle can be used for product assembly, packaging, woodworking and crafts & hobbies. If you’re new to using hot melt adhesives, you may have overlooked the importance of selecting an appropriate nozzle. Nozzle selection is important because the standard nozzle on your hot melt glue gun might not necessarily be the best option for your specific application needs. Switching glue gun nozzles can improve your productiveness and overall application quality. The nozzle distributes adhesive onto the product in a designed velocity, quantity and direction. These three factors significantly impact the quality of the glue and outcome of your project, so it's critical you choose the right nozzle for the job.

Factors to Consider During Nozzle Selection

When it comes to selecting the right nozzle for your needs, the two most important factors to consider are the hot melt itself and how you want it applied.

The hot melt material may have specifications for a nozzle that best applies the adhesive. Remember that every project and material is unique, so where there may be a few nozzle options for each adhesive, it may be wise to test each one on your product to determine which is the best fit for your exact needs.

Also, consider how you want the glue applied. There are three ways that nozzles dispense glue, single bead, multi-bead and spray. Consider how you want the glue to dispense before selecting a nozzle and ask yourself these questions:

  • What size bead do you want?
  • What problems are you currently having during application?
  • What nozzle does your specific glue gun offer?

Experiment with options or contact us for advice on the perfect adhesive and nozzle for your materials and specific project.

Choosing the Right Nozzle

Your specific project needs are an important part of considering what nozzle to purchase. Hot melt nozzles come in a variety shapes, sizes and brands. Some of the most popular models and their applications are listed here:

Packaging Nozzles

Need more coverage or output for your packaging application? Check out the Infinity Bond Pro Nozzle Kit for added efficiency when case or carton closing. The set includes the  Precision Nozzle, Extension Angle Nozzle and an Extension Nozzle, which work for a wide variety of applications and all come with a built-in check valve.


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Product Assembly Nozzles

Product assembly is a large and demanding industry and each assembly has specific adhesive needs. Your standard glue gun nozzle may work, but a specialty nozzle can fit your build better and create a better experience while using your hot melt glue gun for product assembly. The Precision Nozzle is great for work that requires fine detail. The 1.5mm orifice is ideal for the most precise applications. The Extension Nozzle allows users to dispense a higher volume of adhesive into hard to reach areas.

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Bulk Dispensing Nozzles

When you need to distribute glue over a larger area, you may want to consider a T-Type nozzle that can dispense hot melt through multiple holes. The Infinity Bond 18 Hole Nozzle can effectively dispense 18 streams of adhesive through the nozzle which is approximately 2 inches wide. For a thinner ribbon of application, the Infinity Bond 5 Hole Nozzle is a great option, while still covering significantly more surface area than a standard 1/8 inch bead.

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Do You Need a Check Valve for Your Nozzle?

Some nozzles require the use of a check valve, which securely attaches the nozzle to the hot melt glue gun. If your Infinity Bond glue gun and nozzle set up is leaking excessively, it may be because of a worn out check valve assembly. However, this is an easy fix, just make sure to warm up your glue gun before replacing the check valve. If a check valve is required for your nozzle of choice, check out the Infinity Bond check valve, which works well with Infinity Bond glue guns and a variety of Infinity Bond nozzles.

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Hot Melt Glue Gun Nozzles and Maintenance

Once you start using your new nozzle, keeping it in good condition is imperative to getting the correct glue application. Follow correct maintenance and cleaning steps to ensure that your nozzle is in the best shape possible so that you can get the right application each time.

While it is essential you choose the right glue gun for your project, it is equally important to select the correct nozzle. Nozzles come in an assortment of hole configurations and can be used in a variety of applications from intricate projects to large areas.

Always replace your nozzles when you notice wear, chipping or any other defects. Although nozzles are durable, constant wear can cause an inferior product if damage goes unnoticed.

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