Hot melt potting for electronics

Hot Melt Potting Overview

Potting and encapsulating with hot melt offers a number of advantages over using adhesives like Epoxy. Hot melt is easy to dispense, sets quickly and is very cost effective. Power Adhesives TEC Bond 7718 was specifically formulated for knot filling, potting and encapsulating applications. 

7718 is a polyamide hot melt and is used in potting to seal components to prevent corrosion and ensure long-term durability of the product. 7718 is ideal as it can be dispensed through a standard hot melt gun that uses 1/2" sticks. 7718 comes in a variety of colors allowing users to match the substrates being bonded or potted.

Ways 7718 Polyamide Hot Melt Is Better Than Traditional Potting Methods:

  • This hot melt has a fast setting time (5 seconds to 2 minutes depending on adhesive amount applied & application temperature)
  • Due to the fast setting time there is no need for drying racks or ovens to accelerate the curing process
  • Minimal waste and no need for mixing
  • These hot melt sticks boast a long shelf life
  • Makes clean up easy and leaves no messy residue
  • Cost effective Solution

7718 from Power Adhesives is a trouble-free solution to potting and encapsulating electronic components. Contact us with any questions about your potting or encapsulating application and see if hot melt is the right solution for you.

Check out this video from Power Adhesives showing it in use!

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