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One of the reasons we love adhesives is the sheer versatility of these materials. Whether you’re laying lament flooring, fixing your sidewalk, or adding a new plumbing system to your bathroom, adhesives give you the flexibility to tackle your – and your clients’ – toughest jobs. 

For the DIY lover (or commercial expert looking to earn a few extra points at home), here are our top five favorite products and the quick fixes they work best on:

1. PAM FASTENING PAMTITE (now Fastenmaster):

Obviously, we are stuck on hot melt, so it’s no surprise that PAMTite hot melt glue sticks are one of our favorite products for home repairs. Professional floor experts use PAMTite to replace nails or messy construction adhesives when laying new floors or replacing floorboards. Thanks to the adhesive’s 50-second open time, you can adjust your placement before it sets so you get a perfect finish every time.

When to call a pro?: When the floor is structurally unsound or you feel there may be a latent pest issue.


If you don’t need to replace the flooring, but simply want to fill a few knots or cracks, use Power Adhesive Knot-TEC Bond 7718. The product comes in six colors to fill in wood blemishes with ease and application is a breeze thanks to the product’s polyamide hot melt formula. Taking your floor from drab to fab has never been easier.

When to call a pro?: These repairs are perfect for the DIY enthusiast, but you may consider calling a pro if you are dealing with antique wood or craftwork that requires an artistic touch. 


The dog pulled up the carpet again. You want to reinforce some drywall. Your kids absolutely need to turn their bed into a replica of a castle. Sound familiar? With the Surebonder Pro2-220 industrial glue gun, you’ll start looking for excuses to do repairs. The ergonomic gun trigger and stroke adjuster ensure hot melt application is brag-worthy every time. 

When to call a pro?: If you’re unsure how to use your Surebonder for load-bearing structures or projects exposed to inclement weather, consider calling in the big guns. And we don’t mean a bigger glue gun. 


This epoxy is great for filing in cracks, joints and holes on ceramic or plastic surfaces or creating an air or watertight bond, and reinforcing common surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom. The Five Minute Epoxy adhesive is free flowing, but sets as a semi-rigid material for greater application flexibility. It has a quick set time and boasts great water and salt resistance so your fix will last.

When to call a pro?: Pesky leaks are one thing. Plumbing is another. Unless you have experience plumbing, we recommend undertaking major waterworks with supervision.


We don’t like to think one repair is better than another, but Multi-Purpose Commercial Silicone from Infinity Melt is so versatile you might be tempted to say we saved the best for last. This silicon is a top-notch sealant, making it suitable for reinforcing skylights, air-conditioning units, siding, windows, doors and gutters. Once set, it’s very durable and can handle most weather conditions with ease. If prepping your home for winter is on the top of your to-do list, you can’t get by without this product.

When to call a pro?: If you have an old house that needs roofing, insulation, or foundational repairs, you may want to hold off on using a sealant until those updates are complete.

You’ve got the tools. Now the only question is which project will you take on first?

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