Power Adhesives Gas TEC 600 glue gun review

TEC 600 Butane Powered Cordless Glue Gun Review

The Gas TEC 600 is our brand new cordless glue gun that runs on standard store bought butane fuel. We just got one in this week for testing and I must say I am very excited about this glue gun.

Out of the Box

The Gas TEC 600 comes neatly packaged with two empty fuel cells so you will need to purchase a butane canister. I picked up a cheap 1.50 ounce canister at a local gas station and filled up both of the fuel cells and still had some left over in the can. The Power Adhesives specs this cordless glue gun at 1.5 hours of continuous use on a single fuel cell.

Gas TEC 600 butane powered hot melt gun

Set Up

Loading the fuel cell could not be easier. You simply put it in the bottom of the gun and close the lid. Then all you have to do is twist the fuel on/off dial clockwise and you will hear the butane begin to flow. Push the red start button and you are up and running. The Gas TEC 600 also has a little hole at the front of the gun that illuminates orange when the gun is on to let you know it is hot and working properly. I thought this was a great feature because it is both a safety precaution and also lets you know when the fuel cell needs to be replaced.

Gas TEC 600 on off switch and roller

Cordless Glue Gun in Action

The GAS TEC 600 heated up in about 3 minutes so you don't have to worry about wasting too much fuel waiting for it to get hot. Once it was heated up, I used one of our general purpose clear hot glue sticks to see how the gun performed. I was not disappointed. It has an extremely comfortable handle and trigger mechanism and it dispensed very smoothly.

I could not believe that a cordless glue gun would run so smooth. As the first glue stick ran out, there was no wait time for the second stick to heat up before dispensing. There was a very small amount of dripping in-between use but not enough to be annoying or anything that a well-placed piece of paper or cardboard couldn't handle. It also has a sturdy little built in stand so you can set it down on any relatively flat surface.

Gas TEC 600 cordless indicator


I can see this gun being used in a ton of different applications because of its size, ease of use and industrial output. The portability of a cordless glue gun makes it great for job site use. You can take it out of your toolbox without having to find an outlet and be up and running in a matter of minutes. Great for laying carpet, trim work, furniture building or any type of general home projects and repair. This is also be a great solid surface and counter top installation tool. I love that the fuel is available, very cheap, at just about any gas station or grocery store. It's not something you are going to be paying an arm and a leg for from the manufacturer every time you need another cartridge.


The GAS TEC 600 cordless glue gun is pretty amazing. Firing it up for the first time, I couldn't believe how easy and powerful it was. It offers tremendous ease of use and the set-up is quick and painless. The gun can dispense up to 3.3lbs of hot glue per hour so it should be able to keep up with almost any project. Aside from the small amount of drip from the gun, there are few if any drawbacks that we found in our testing. And at under $100 this gun will compliment any tool arsenal.


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