Questions about hot melt hoses

Hot melt hoses can be hard to understand when you are first starting to use hot melt dispensing equipment. We have compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions about hot melt hoses. The best part is you can always give us a call and we will help you find the correct hose for your hot melt dispensing equipment.

What Are Hot Melt Hoses Made Of?

Hot Melt Hoses are made of durable material since high temperature liquid hot melt travels through them. The most vital part of a hot melt hose is the core where adhesive travels through. All of our hoses are made with quality materials to ensure your hot melt hose is not only effective, but long lasting.

The core of our heated hoses is made of high grade Telflon (PTFE) tubing and reinforced by stainless steel (304) that is braided around the outer surface of the core. The PTFE tubing is highly resistant to acids, solvents and hydrocarbons whereas, the stainless steel braid ensures resistance to pressure, flexing, vibration, and heat. All the Infinity Melt hoses go through pressure testing at twice the recommended operating pressure using water to ensure there are no defects.

The outside of a standard hose is covered in a braided polyester which keeps you hot melt hoses from getting abrasions. There are additional materials offered for hose coverings such as, neoprene for water resistance,braided silicon treated with fiberglass for high heat resistance and colored polyesters also available to help aid you in identification.

What Keeps the Glue From Consolidating in the Hose?

Hot melt hoses are heated to insure that your hot melt stays in liquid form as it travels the distance of the hose. The heating elements in Infinity Melt Hoses are formed by insulating high grade heat conducting alloys with KAPTON. The heating element of the hoses are wrapped in a spiral around the hose on a layer of silicone tape and fiberglass. Several layers of fiberglass insulation is used to insulate the hose and heater assembly. Fiberglass insulation is proven to be effective up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is the Operating Temperature of my Hot Melt Hose?

Hot melt hoses sustain temperatures ranging from 100-500 degrees Fahrenheit. If a higher operating temperature is necessary it can be obtained by using special materials.

How often should a hot melt hose be replaced?

This depends entirely on how often you are use your hot melt hose. However, a replacing your hot melt hose once a year would be a good estimate.

How do I determine what hose to buy for my dispensing equipment?

If you have the original number for the hose from the manufacturer on the dispensing equipment then we can cross reference the hose for you.

Does the length of the hot melt hose change its performance?

While hot melt hoses are heated from end to end, the length can make a difference in performance. Obviously, a hose that is too short will cause issues reaching your materials and dispensing effectively. But a hot melt hose that is too long can cause a lot of different issues. When a hose is laid on the ground, it can cool if the ground is a lower temperature. This can cause blockage, slow dispensing and hot melt being dispensed at the wrong temperature. 

Do hot melt hoses need to be cleaned?

This is up to the user of the hose. It's not necessarily needed, but we recommend it at least once per year.

About how much can one expect to spend on a quality hot melt hose?

Pricing on hot melt hoses varies depending on the size and length of the hose. We offer quality hoses at a very competitive price.

How can I tell if I am purchasing a quality hose?

The outward appearance says a lot. We have gotten a lot of feed back from our customers letting us know that our hoses last the longest and that our prices beat our competitors.

If you have any more questions or need any help finding the correct hot melt hose that fits your dispensing equipment please give us a call 877.933.3343 or contact us here

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