Learn about bulk hot melt

What is Bulk Hot Melt?

Bulk hot melt, also known as hot glue, is an adhesive that is heated for application and used in a wide variety of applications including product assembly, packaging, electric potting, crafting and many more. There hundreds of hot melt formulas, each created specifically for bonding to different substrates and for use in different environments.

The best way to find out what bulk hot melt will work best for your application is to ask. Our engineers have worked on thousands of different projects and substrates and are always working to find the perfect glue for you.

Forms of bulk hot melt

Advantages of Bulk Hot Melt

The biggest advantage of bulk hot melt over traditional hot melt glue sticks is cost. Because it does not need to be shaped during manufacturing the cost per pound is typically a lot less for the exact same product in bulk form opposed to glue stick form.

Bulk is a pretty generic term and can refer to hot melt in the form of pillows, beads, pills and even powder. The defining characteristic is that it is not a stick or slug fed through a traditional hot glue gun.

Dispensing Bulk Hot Melt

Dispensing bulk hot melt is very much dependent on your application. We carry a wide variety of bulk hot melt tanks, hoses, guns and systems to fit any application and budget. We also carry a number of different bulk hot melt guns that have a reservoir where bulk hot melt is added and then extruded similar to traditional hot glue guns.

These guns are more expensive than stick fed glue guns but when using a high volume of product, the cost savings can be made up very quickly.

Bulk Hot Melt Applications

Woodworking: Bulk hot melt is not only cost effective, but has a high heat resistance and the ability to withstand cold conditions making it perfect for woodworking applications. We have specifically designed hot melts that are ideal for pre coating, profile wrapping, edge banding, soft forming, foam bonding, v-grooving, top laminating and in general assembly.

Packaging: Bulk hot melt is made for numerous substrates, machines, speeds and methods of application making it ideal for the packaging industry. Making it a great choice for packaging because it can withstand extreme conditions. Conditions that range from exposure to high heat or a deep freeze and they have no problem holding up in humid environment.

Labeling: Bulk hot melt is perfect for labeling needs because it can adhere to numerous containers made from different materials can withstand a wide range of conditions.

Product Assembly: What makes bulk hot melt perfect for product assembly? Bulk hot melt comes in an array of different formulas designed to bond specific materials like plastics, glass, metals, wood and many more substrates. Different open times allow for bonding to take place immediately or later in the manufacturer process.

Print Finishing: A wide variety of hot melt adhesive is used for bookbinding, catalogs, magazines and other print finishing applications. Why use hot melt? It creates excellent opening and lay flat qualities.

Hotmelt.com and Bulk Hot Melt

Hotmelt.com manufacturers and distributes millions of pounds of bulk hot melt every year. Our goal is to provide the highest quality hot melt and dispensing products while reducing the overall cost for our customers.

Some bulk hot melt products will be more expensive per pound but will have a significantly higher output which brings overall costs down. Our adhesive engineers (we call them glue geeks) have years of experience finding solutions for bonding any type of substrate. Feel free to contact us to discuss how we can help maximize your efficiency while eliminating waste and downtime.

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