APAO Hot Melt Adhesives for Packaging Applications

 APAO in Packaging Applications Overview 

Packaging Applications are found throughout many different industries that utilize hot melt adhesives. Some of the most common packaging applications we encounter are pallet stabilization, bottle stabilization, lamination of paper, plastic film, etc for shipping purposes, shipping tape, specialty packaging, litho-laminating, and agricultural cartons. The varied uses have also contributed to advancements in adhesive development, APAO (Amorphous Poly Alpha Olefin) hot melt adhesives offer resistance to corrosion and moisture, chemical inertness, and resistance to UV rays. Check out The Complete Guide to APAO Hot Melt Adhesives.

These adhesives have high heat resistance, while also being able to function over a wide range of temperatures. They prove to be durable and reliable in both interior and exterior applications. 

At hotmelt.com we always work to provide our customers the best adhesives and accessories. We are proud to partner with the leading APAO hot melt formulations in the world. Our customers have expectations, that we always strive to exceed.

Hotmelt.com offers adhesives in a broad array of capabilities. This means that there are adhesives available to match any customer's needs. Our APAO product line offers products made with existing formulas and we can also customize formulations to meet any specification. Today we will look more closely at the APAO adhesives available for packaging applications. 

Common Uses 

Adhesives are used in several different packaging applications, including:

  • Pallet stabilization
  • Bottle stabilization
  • Laminate layers of paper, Tyvek, plastic film, bubble wrap, etc for shipping
  • Shipping tape
  • Laminate paper and fiber scrim layers
  • Specialty Packaging (foam to foam, foam to wood)
  • Litho-laminating
  • Agricultural cartons

About APAO Adhesives

APAO polymers are on-purpose, reactor-produced polyolefins produced with a proprietary catalyst and process called Liquid Pool. This means that they are able to offer a wide range of polymers with different physical and performance properties. Hotmelt.com can customize APAO polymers to meet different application and manufacturing needs. The polymers are a staple in the manufacturing of hot melt adhesive and sealant systems.The compatibility of APAO polymers with solvents, tackifiers, waxes, some styrene block copolymers and other polymers make them highly sought after resins. There are four main types of APAO:

  • Homopolymers of propylene
  • Copolymers of propylene and ethylene
  • Copolymers of propylene and 1-butene
  • Terpolymers of ethylene. Propylene and 1-butene

All of these types have different properties. When deciding which product is best for the job at hand, there are several different factors to consider including.

  • Melt Viscosity: This is the most distinctive property. It determines the degree of wetting or penetration of the material by the adhesive and give an indication of the process-ability of the adhesive. It is typically determined at 375°F. The measurement of dynamic viscosity ranges from about 200 up to 150,000+ centipoises or cps.
  • Needle Penetration: This indicates resistance to deformation, or hardness. When looking at thermoplastics and elastomers, hardness is often used to measure stiffness. Needle penetration indicates the resistance to deformation of the polymer.
  • Ring and Ball Softening Point (RBSP): This indicates resistance to heat and ranges between about 175°-324°F. As is true with most polymers, APAO does not have a well-defined melting point. Instead, as the temperature increases, APAO becomes softer, changing from a solid to a high viscosity fluid over a wide temperature range. A high RBSP means that the polymer softens at a high temperature. A low RBSP means that the polymer softens at a lower temperature.

APAO Adhesive Options of Packaging Applications

Hotmelt.com offers several products that are well suited for many different packaging applications including: 

Rextac RT6825 APAO Hot Melt - Short Open Time - Rextac RT6825 is a low to medium viscosity APAO hot melt with a short open time of about 20 seconds. Because RT6825 has a shorter open time, but still maintains the exceptional bonding abilities of APAO, it is often used in specialty packaging applications as well as foam bonding. *Free Samples may be available, contact us to see if your application qualifies!

Infinity Bond 408 APAO - Evonik VESTOPLAST 408 APAO Equivalent - Infinity Bond 408 was formulated as a high quality equivalent to the Evonik VESTOPLAST 408 APAO bulk hot melt adhesive. It offers a medium 80 second open time and excellent tensile strength. This APAO hot melt is often used in textile, paper and packaging industries but is versatile and can be applied to many different applications. 

Infinity Bond 708 APAO - Evonik VESTOPLAST 708 APAO Equivalent - Infinity Bond 708 was formulated to be an equivalent APAO adhesive to the Evonik VESTOPLAST 708 product. The Infinity Bond 708 offers a great initial tack, long open time (up to 5 minutes) and has excellent thermal stability. The 708 is very popular in fiber and filament fixing applications. Interested in buying in bulk? 

Benefits of Using APAO in Packaging Applications

  • Broad temperature range
  • Adheres to many substrates (polypropylene, foam, kraft, wood, corrugate)
  • More mileage - use up to 30% less adhesive
  • Flexible open time

The Bottom Line

Hotmelt.com can take pride in offering the best adhesive products for use in packaging applications. New innovation and customization options mean that we always have the best products to complete the job efficiently and with high standards of strength and durability. 

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