Adhesive Viscosity Information and Comparison Chart

Hot Melt Viscosity Overview

Viscosity is the resistance of a fluid to flow generally through a specific orifice. The measure of this fluid "thickness" is expressed by centipoise values. The higher the number of cps the thicker the product.

Since thicker products are less flowable they will fill in a larger gap if necessary. Viscosity is not an easy concept to comprehend, but is an essential factor for adhesives. We have created a chart below to help you get an idea the viscosity of everyday items in centipoise.

Viscosity comparison chart

Viscosity and Hot Melt

There are a number of factors that affect the viscosity of hot melt. Some products are formulated to run thicker or thinner depending on how they are being used. For instance, some product assembly or gap filling formulations may require a thicker hot melt where packaging may use a lower viscosity (thinner) material. 

Hot melt viscosity can also be tweaked by adjusting the temperature at which the adhesive is being dispensed. Higher temperatures will lower the viscosity and lower temperature will increase it. A variable temperature glue gun gives you the freedom to be able to make these adjustments while dispensing. 

Questions about viscosity or hot melt dispensing? Contact us to discuss your application or to find the perfect adhesive for your next project. 

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