Ad Tech PRO 200 hot melt gun review

Ad Tech PRO 200 Glue Gun Overview

The PRO 200 is a great light industrial glue gun. This glue gun packs quite a punch for it's slender size. This 200 watt glue gun with a PTC heating system warms up in just 3 minutes! It delivers 3.5 pounds of hot melt per hour.

Ad Tech PRO 200: The Good

The PRO 200 is manufactured with a high impact resin, which allows it to withstand daily industrial use. We like the 4 finger trigger it makes it easy to use for an extended period of time. Also, the PRO 200 has a dual stand allowing you to safely set it down during a break. The quick warm up time of 3 minutes allows you to get going right away and the power light let's you know it's ready. Ad Tech also has a variety of nozzles for the PRO 200 allowing you to cater it to your application, packaging, assembly, woodworking, crafts.

Ad Tech PRO 200: The Bad

The Ad Tech like many hot melt glue guns has minimal dripping from the nozzle. However, the dripping amount can be different due to the type of hot melt sticks you are using and their viscosity.

Ad Tech PRO 200: Overall

The PRO 200 is a great value for the price. It is constantly a top seller on and perfect for numerous types of hot melt applications. The good attributes of this glue gun definitely out weigh the negatives. This glue gun definitely pulls it's weight with the output of 3.5 pounds per hour. The PRO 200 doesn't keep you waiting around forever for it to get ready to go. The PRO 200 is constantly a favorite due to it's versatility, performance and ease of use.

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