Entry Level PUR Hot Melt Tank for Edge Banding and Product Assembly


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  • Works With: 2 KG PUR Slugs
  • Product Type: PUR Hot Melt Tank - View All
  • Applications: Edge Banding | Product Assembly | Post Forming
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About This PUR Hot Melt Tank for Edge Banding and Product Assembly

This simple to use PUR hot melt tank for edge banding and product assembly is specially designed for the most demanding, continuous applications in the woodworking, PVC and aluminum industries. This PUR Hot Melt Tank features a melt rate to cover any application need. 

This edge-banding unit is a great low-cost, highly reliable system. For additional features like variable speed control and grammage control, see our IsoMelt unit. 

Applications for This PUR Hot Melt Tank

  • Edge-banding
  • Specialized Product Assembly
  • Woodworking
  • Post Forming
  • Book Binding
  • Window Frame Manufacturing

Understanding PUR Hot Melt vs Traditional Hot Melt

What's the same?

Both traditional hot melt and polyurethane (PUR) hot melt typically needs to be heated to be applied. They are both non-toxic and generally one of the safer adhesives for bonding and sealing.

  • Non-toxic
  • Applied by heating and dispensing

What's different? 

PUR is a so-called "reactive" adhesive because a chemical reaction needs to take place for the strong adhesive bond to work. Some moisture needs to be present to spark that chemical reaction and create the adhesive bond. The good news is that sufficient moisture exists in the air around us and usually in the material being glued. 


Tank Capacity (L) 4 Liter
Melting Capacity 11LB Per Hour (5KG)
Adhesive Type 2KG PUR Slug
Temperature 85-450F (30-230C)
Electrical 230V 3 Phase
Max Viscosity 100,000 cps
Working Hydraulic Pressure 100 bar
Max Electrical Tank Consumption 1200W
Max Pumping Capacity per Pump 53LBs per Hour (24 KG)
Variable Speed No
Grammage Control No
Max Electric Exits 2
Hydraulic Exits 2

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