Nordson ProBlue 50 Hot Melt Stitching and Dotting Upgrade Package


Product Highlights

  • Use up to 50% less adhesive
  • 3 hour installation time per line
  • No new tanks or hoses required
  • Fits almost any Nordson ProBlue 50 system

Upgrade Your Existing Nordson ProBlue 50 Equipment to a Hot Melt Dotting System

Quickly and affordably upgrade your Nordson ProBlue 50 bulk tank system to a hot melt stitching and dotting system and use up to 50% less adhesive. The installation takes under 3 hours and does not require adding or changing your Nordson ProBlue 50 tanks or hoses. will provide you pricing on upgrading your system along with a savings calculator to upgrade to a dotting system. 

    Nordson ProBlue 50 Stitching and Dotting Upgrade Details

    • No new tank required
    • No new hoses required
    • Total installation time less than 3 hours
    • Local on-site installation available

    Benefits of Nordson ProBlue 50 Hot Melt Dotting Upgrade

    • Use up to 50% less hot melt adhesive
    • No expensive compressed air required
    • Increased safety using pneumatic dispenser
    • Longer life guns and modules - up to 1 billion cycles
    • Same or improved bond strength
    • Allows for faster line speeds 
    * Nordson is a registered trademark of the Nordson coproration. Any use of the Nordson name is for comparison purposes only.

    Hot Melt Dotting Glue Gun Specs

    • Electromagnetic hot melt application head for glue beads and dots
    • Up to 10 times longer service life, compared to electro-pneumatic hot melt application heads
    • Reduction of operating noise by 30 dB – compared to electro-pneumatic hot melt application heads – to 65 dB
    • Cost savings through elimination of the compressed-air supply
    • Suitable for use with non-hhs systems with a commercially available PLC
    • Plug-in module
    • Compact design
    • Thermal insulation
    • Integrated over-temperature cut-out
    • Less adhesive is required for dot application


    Hot Melt Dotting Gun and Module Data Sheet

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