Replacement for Nordson® Blue Series Style Hot Melt Hose - Hi-Flex, 240V, 5/8"


Replacement for: NORDSON 129566, NORDSON 129575

Sale price$560.00

Product Highlights

Hi-Flex Hot Melt Hose for Nordson® Melters

This hot melt hose is a direct replacement for the Nordson® Hi-Flex Blue Series glue hoses. It offers additional flexibility while keeping exceptional durability and comes in a variety of hose lengths. The multi layer construction offers great insulation making sure that hot melt is dispensed evenly and reliably.

This Nordson® compatible hot melt hose is manufactured in the USA to the highest quality standards and is guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM standards.

Works with:

  • Nordson® ProBlue Series
  • Nordson® 2300 and 3000 Series
  • Nordson® DuraBlue Series
  • Nordson® AltaBlue Series
  • Astro AP Series
  • ITW Quatro Series
  • ITW DynaPack Series
  • ITW C22 Series
  • ITW S Series

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    Questions About Replacing Your Nordson® Hot Melt Hose? has trained equipment technicians and engineers on-staff ready to help with product recommendations, installation questions and anything else you need. Contact us now for help on your current or new hot melt application. is not affiliated with the Nordson® Corporation. All OEM part numbers are for reference only. Nordson® is a registered trademark of the Nordson® Corporation.

    OEM Part Number Option Price
    NORDSON 1010811 20 Foot Hose $1,890.00
    NORDSON 1010813 24 Foot Hose $1,983.00
    NORDSON 1050628 24 Foot Hose $1,983.00
    NORDSON 129568 6 Foot Hose $700.00
    NORDSON 129571 10 Foot Hose $994.00
    NORDSON 129574 16 Foot Hose $1,344.00
    NORDSON 129575 4 Foot Hose $560.00
    NORDSON 129576 6 Foot Hose $700.00
    NORDSON 129577 8 Foot Hose $882.00
    NORDSON 129578 10 Foot Hose $994.00
    NORDSON 129580 12 Foot Hose $1,134.00
    NORDSON 129581 16 Foot Hose $1,344.00
    NORDSON 150155 30 Foot Hose $2,683.00
    NORDSON 111094 6 Foot Hose $700.00
    NORDSON 111095 10 Foot Hose $994.00
    NORDSON 111096 16 Foot Hose $1,344.00
    NORDSON 129566 4 Foot Hose $560.00
    NORDSON 129569 8 Foot Hose $882.00
    NORDSON 129572 12 Foot Hose $1,134.00
    NORDSON 150154 30 Foot Hose $2,683.00
    NORDSON 222798 24 Foot Hose $1,983.00
    NORDSON 725697 20 Foot Hose $1,890.00

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