hhs Baumer XBM PUR Hot Melt Tank


Product Highlights

  • Digital Touchscreen Option
  • High Performance PUR Melter
  • Easy to Clean System
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About the hhs Baumer XBM PUR Hot Melt Tank

The hhs Baumer XBM Series PUR melter is a feature rich Polyurethane hot melt dispensing tank with user friendly controls and design. This PUR melter dispenses PUR hot melt slugs and is available in two sizes depending on volume required for your application. 

Low adhesive consumption

PUR adhesives are expensive. The construction of the XBM melter allows complete dispensing of all adhesive with no residual waste. This allows users to maximize shelf life and reduce costs.

Easy to Clean, Low Maintenance

It is easy to clean the XBM melter. The high quality non-stick coating of parts ensures quick and easy cleaning. The tank cap can be removed without tools; all parts to be cleaned are reached by the operator without difficulty. The short easy cleaning cycle reduces downtime and saves money.

Additional Features

  • Expandable modular system
  • Compact design
  • Direct melting from package
  • No standstill at change of hot melt bag
  • Melts only hot melt that is needed
  • Cleaning is reduced and thus standstill
  • Low thermal stress to the hot melt
  • Simple cleaning
  • User interface can face in any direction (only XBM-02)
  • Touch screen (only XBM-20)
  • Level meter for tank (capacitance)

Why Buy from Hotmelt.com? 

Hotmelt.com is the industry leader in PUR hot melt and dispensing equipment. We offer our customers industry low costs on best-in-class PUR dispensing equipment. We have equipment engineers on-staff able to assist with application questions, product recommendations and installation (both remote or on-site). 


Model Dimensions Cartridge Diameter Melt Rate Adhesive Pressure Air Pressure Max Temperature
XBM-02 810 x 390 x 762 mm Ø150mm = Standard Ø132mm = Installation kit 26kg per hour 80 bar 6 bar 200°C
XBM-20 1100 x 700 x 1800 mm Ø280mm 2 x 72kg per hour 80 bar 6 bar 200°C

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