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HL2198 X hot melt adhesive is a removable, optically clear, general-purpose pressure-sensitive adhesive. HL 2198 X is light amber and used with paper and plastic substrates.

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HB Fuller HL2198 X
HB Fuller HL2198 X Removable Hot Melt
Fugitive 'Gummy Glue' Peelable Bulk Hot Melt
Fugitive 'Gummy Glue' Peelable Bulk Hot Melt
Price $$$$$ $$$$$
Type Bulk Hot Melt Bulk Hot Melt
Brand HB Fuller Infinity Bond
Hot Melt Type Pressure SensitiveFugitive
Application Temperature 325°F350° F
Softening Point 203°F160°F
Open Time --
Viscosity 2,800 cps1000 cps
Color Light AmberLight Amber
Size BulkBulk

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