Graco InvisiPac 24R226 Light Tower Kit


Product Highlights

  • Multiple Indicator Lights
  • Easily Viewable at a Distance

Graco InvisiPac 24R226 Light Tower Kit Overview

This light tower kit for the Graco InvisiPac hot melt system allows users to easily see the status of their InvisiPac system at a distance. 

The system status indicators are as follows:

  • System is Off or Inactive: No Lights
  • Warming Up: Flashing Green
  • At Temperature: Solid Green
  • Active Error: Red

Graco 24R226 Installation Instructions

  1. Turn main power switch OFF.
  2. Disconnect cable from ADM, push cable through plastic shroud, then remove shroud from system.
  3. Remove existing grommet (AA) from electrical enclosure then install new grommet (1204) in its place.
  4. Insert grommet (1202) into hole on the light tower bracket (1203).
  5. Remove bolts (BB) from metal shroud on the system then use the bolts (BB) to secure bracket (1203) to metal shroud.
  6. Route light tower cable through hole in bracket (1203) then use supplied light tower screws (1201a) to install light tower (1201).
  7. Remove electrical enclosure front access door.
  8. Route light tower cable through the other hole in the bracket (1203), then through the grommet (1204) into the electrical enclosure.
  9. Connect light tower cable to MZLP connector labeled J12.

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