Nordson 60-90-degree-hot-melt-nozzle-replacement
Nordson 60-90-degree-hot-melt-nozzle-replacement
NORDSON 165783

Dual Orifice Right Angle 60/90 Degree Hot Melt Nozzles for Nordson Modules

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High Quality, Low Cost Replacement for Nordson 60/90 Degree Hot Melt Nozzle

This unique Nordson® style nozzle has a dual dispensing pattern with a 60 degree and 90 degree angle for enhanced hot melt coverage. The dual angled nozzle is available in multiple orifice sizes to help control the volume of hot melt being dispensed. 

The Nordson® Dual Orifice Right Angle 60/90 Degree Nozzle works with Nordson® H200, ClassicBlue®, SolidBlue®, MiniBlue®, GM100, ReliaBlue, ReliaMini series hot melt systems. 

This dual orifice 60/90 degree angled nozzle is manufactured in the USA to meet or exceed original Nordson® quality at a fraction of the price. 

Replacement for Nordson® Dual 60/90 Degree Nozzle Works With

  • Nordson® H200 Series Hot Melt Tanks
  • Nordson® ClassicBlue Hot Melt Tanks
  • Nordson® SolidBlue Hot Melt Tanks
  • Nordson® MiniBlue Hot Melt Systems
  • Nordson® GM100 Hot Melt Systems
  • Nordson® GS35 Hot Melt Systems
  • Nordson® ReliaBlue Hot Melt Systems
  • Nordson® ReliaMini Hot Melt Systems

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Dual Orifice Right Angle 60/90 Degree Hot Melt Nozzles for Nordson Modules Specs


Nordson® Part Number ReferenceOrifice Size
Nordson® 165783.012 Diameter | 60/90°
Nordson® 710591.014 Diameter | 60/90°
Nordson® 165784.020 Diameter | 60/90°
Nordson® 165785.028 Diameter | 60/90°

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