Bostik HM 4279LV High Tensile Strength Polyamide Hot Melt


Manufacturer Part #: BOSTIK HM 4279LV

Product Highlights

  • Type: Bulk Hot Melt
  • Brand: Bostik
  • Hot Melt Type: Polyamide
  • Set Speed: Medium
  • Color: Amber
  • Bonds: Wood, Plastic, Metal
  • Properties: Chemical Resistant, Plasticizer Resistant, High Temp Resistant, High Tensile Strength
  • Application: Filter Assembly, Cabinet Assembly, Furniture Assembly

Bostik HM 4279LV Polyamide Hot Melt: Engineered for Maximum Tensile Strength

Introducing Bostik HM 4279LV Polyamide Hot Melt, the industrial-grade adhesive meticulously designed to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty applications. Renowned for its exceptional tensile strength, versatile substrate bonding capabilities, and resistance to high temperatures and chemicals, this polyamide-based hot melt is your go-to solution for a wide array of industrial tasks.

Industry-Leading Key Features

Moderate Open Time

Eliminate the rushed application procedures common in fast-paced industrial environments. The moderate open time of Bostik HM 4279LV ensures precise substrate alignment for optimal bonding efficacy.

Superior Tensile Strength

When you require an adhesive that won't falter under industrial-scale pressures, the high tensile strength of our HM 4279LV is engineered to meet and exceed those needs.

Multi-Substrate Bonding Capability

From leather and wood to Kraft and paper, this hot melt adhesive is formulated for high-performance bonding across a multitude of industrial-grade substrates.

Advanced Benefits for Rigorous Industrial Demands

Unparalleled High-Temperature and Chemical Resistance

Built to endure the harshest of industrial conditions, Bostik HM 4279LV offers exceptional resistance to both high temperatures and aggressive chemicals.

Streamlined Process Application

Boasting low application viscosity, this polyamide hot melt facilitates an efficient, hassle-free application process—essential for keeping up with industrial production timelines.

Dual-Purpose Usability

Engineered for adaptability, HM 4279LV excels in both general and specialized industrial assembly applications.

Industrial-Scale Applications

  • Filter Assembly: From HVAC systems to automotive filters, achieve long-lasting, reliable bonds with HM 4279LV.

  • General Assembly Applications: Ideal for applications in sectors ranging from electronics to heavy machinery.

  • Wood Bonding: The ultimate solution for industrial woodworking tasks, including furniture fabrication and structural assembly.

  • Furniture Assembly: When durability and long-term stability are paramount, this adhesive ensures your industrial-grade furniture meets those criteria.

For an industrial adhesive that checks all the boxes for high-stress, high-performance environments, Bostik HM 4279LV Polyamide Hot Melt is your unmatched choice. Elevate your bonding applications to industrial-grade durability today.






Amber Pellets

Specific Gravity


Thermosel Viscosity

4,750 cP (200°C)

Softening Point (Ball & Ring)


Tensile at Break

2,590 psi (17,900 kN/m²)

Elongation at Break

245 %

Shore D Hardness


Relative Open Time @ 218°C

20-30 seconds

Heat Resistance (1000 g/in², 5°C/min, 30 min)

248°F (120°C)

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