Bostik HM 4278 Fast Set High Temp Resistant Polyamide Hot Melt


Manufacturer Part #: BOSTIK HM 4278

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Product Highlights

  • Type: Bulk Hot Melt
  • Brand: Bostik
  • Hot Melt Type: Polyamide
  • Set Speed: Short
  • Color: Amber
  • Bonds: Wood, Plastic
  • Properties: Chemical Resistant, Plasticizer Resistant, High Temp Resistant
  • Application: Filter Assembly, Cabinet Assembly, Furniture Assembly, Packaging

Industrial-Strength Bostik HM 4278: Fast-Setting, High-Temp Resistant Polyamide Hot Melt for Robust Applications

In the industrial sector, you can't afford to compromise on the quality of your adhesives. Bostik HM 4278 Fast Set High Temp Resistant Polyamide Hot Melt has been engineered to meet the rigorous requirements of industrial applications, offering unparalleled performance even under extreme conditions.

Key Features for Industrial Use:

🔥 Rapid Cure Time

For industrial settings where time equals throughput, HM 4278’s rapid cure time substantially reduces downtime, getting your production line back up faster.

🛡 Exceptional Heat, Chemical, and Grease Resistance

Whether you’re in automotive assembly, aerospace, or heavy machinery, HM 4278 withstands extreme temperatures and aggressive chemicals, ensuring a long-lasting bond.

⚗ Enhanced Chemical and Grease Resistance

Maximize the life of your bond even in the harshest chemical environments. HM 4278 is your go-to for applications involving exposure to industrial solvents and greases.

Detailed Description:

Bostik HM 4278 is a high-performance dimer acid polyamide adhesive, developed with a unique blend of properties that include low viscosity for high-throughput applications. When you require an adhesive that can withstand both elevated and sub-zero temperatures, HM 4278 is your industrial-grade choice.

Key Industrial Benefits:

🎯 Precision Application on Diverse Substrates

Engineered with low viscosity, HM 4278 offers precise application, critical for high-tolerance industrial operations.

❄️ Excellent High and Low-Temperature Resistance

Offering a balanced blend of high and low-temperature resistance, HM 4278 is your go-to adhesive for environments with fluctuating thermal conditions.

🌍 Harsh Environment Suitable

HM 4278 delivers exceptional performance in industrial environments characterized by extreme temperatures, corrosive chemicals, or high grease exposure.

Why Industrial Operations Choose Bostik HM 4278

For your industrial adhesive needs, go with a product that has been exhaustively tested and proven to deliver under the most demanding conditions. Bostik HM 4278 is the high-impact, fast-setting, high-temp resistant adhesive engineered specifically for robust, industrial applications.






Amber Pellets


1.0 g/cc

Softening Point (Ball & Ring)

363°F (184°C)

Thermosel Viscosity

5,000 cP (204°C)

Tensile at Break

1,655 psi (11,410 kN/m²)

Elongation at Break

240 %

Shore D Hardness


Relative Open Time @ 218°C

20-30 seconds

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