5 Gallon Hot Melt Pail Unloader


Product Highlights

  • Works With: Bulk Hot Melt Adhesives
  • Product Type: Hot Melt Dispensing Equipment, Drum & Pail Unloaders
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Easy and Affordable 5 Gallon (20 Liter) Hot Melt Pail Unloader

Some hot melts are easier and more efficiently dispensed from pails or drums. This hot melt pail unloader allows for a simple, affordable solution to hot melt dispensing from 5 gallon (20L) pails.   

Built to Last

This 5 Gallon Pail Unloader features a durable, long lasting Teflon coated o-rings and a variable speed gear pump. The Teflon® coated Fin Platen makes cleaning easy and allows for easier cleaning.


  • Teflon® Coated Fin Platen for Max Output and Easy Clean-up
  • Pail Fastening System for Fast Change Outs
  • In-Line Filters
  • Platen Protection System for Operator Safety
  • Integrated Controller for Programming and Adjustments
  • Up to 4 Hose Connections
  • Manual or Automated Dispensing Set-ups Available

Applications for the Hot Melt 5 Gallon Pail Unloader

  • Automotive
  • Coating
  • Packaging
  • Specialized Product Assembly
  • Woodworking
  • Print Finishing 

Why Buy from Hotmelt.com?

We're more than an eCommerce company. We have trained application engineers on-staff who can help with product recommendations, testing and on-site installation. Contact us with questions on dispensing PUR adhesives from a 5 gallon pail unloader and know you'll be getting the best service and industry low pricing. 

Choose from a number of options including standard and high melt rate configurations as well as range of hose and applicator options. 


  • New pail fastening system minimizes downtime related with pail changes
  • Platen protection system is in option
  • Exhaust fume discharger grille is in option

Questions about this product? Our team of adhesive specialists can help. Submit your questions and we'll get you answers right away.

Official Supplier

Hotmelt.com is an official supplier of Infinity Bond. We are the largest supplier of Infinity Bond hot melts, PUR adhesives, hot melt replacement parts and dispensing equipment.

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