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One of the best ways to save money on hot melt equipment is to ensure that your hot melt tanks are regularly maintained, serviced, and repaired. With new tanks costing thousands of dollars, cost-conscious business owners are increasingly choosing to maintain their existing tanks through expert repair work and regular servicing. Through regular maintenance and replacement of worn parts, a company can extend the life of tanks and other hot melt equipment. Below are the key factors that have established as experts in the bulk hot melt tank service and repair industry.  

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Establishment as an Industry Leader

With the growing number of companies offering hot melt tank service and repair, it is more important than ever to select a service provider with industry expertise. For over 25 years, the team has provided its customers with the following:  

  • Industry expertise
  • Experience with a wide variety of tank brands
  • A vast selection of hot melt spare parts
  • A detailed and itemized quotation process
  • The inclusion of a warranty with products and repairs
  • The highest level of customer responsiveness

The importance of each of these attributes is outlined below, along with some tips to follow when considering the purchase of replacement parts or the repair of your existing tanks.  

The Role of Industry Expertise

The significance of expertise in the industrial hot melt arena cannot be overstated. Experience is particularly critical when evaluating a tank or gun to determine whether repair or replacement is a better option. Our seasoned specialists can analyze a defect or malfunction with your tank. They are able to diagnose whether the problem can be solved by replacing a part such as a heater manifold or thermostat, or whether a tank has sustained damage that is beyond repair. We will always provide honest feedback about the condition of your hot melt equipment, as it is our mission to prolong the life of the equipment that we provide.  

Experience with a Wide Variety of Tank Brands

There is no substitute for hands-on experience with all of the leading brands of tanks in the industry. This experience becomes critical when replacement parts are required and brand components are not interchangeable. Our hot melt equipment repair specialists are familiar with all of the following brands of tanks:  

  • Nordson
  • Slautterback
  • ITW
  • Astro
  • Graco InvisiPAC

In addition to knowing key trouble-shooting strategies for each brand of tank, our technicians have immediate access to the tools and spare parts required to quickly repair and maintain each of the tank brands above.  

Availability of Key Parts

Rapid access to spare parts is critical to the prompt maintenance and repair of tanks and other hot melt equipment. Failure to promptly repair a defective tank or gun can result in hours or days of lost productivity in addition to lost revenue for your company. In many cases, your tank or gun can be operational again in a matter of seconds by quickly replacing a small component such as a thermostat, trigger, regulator or fitting. The team recognizes this, and we strive to maintain a healthy stock of the most commonly requested spare parts in the industry. Finally, we offer a variety of expedited delivery options to meet the needs of customers with urgent requirements.  

Rapid Access to Parts Pricing

Many customers are experienced operators of hot melt equipment and prefer to source components for their tanks and guns on their own. We make it easy for our customers to obtain the pricing that they need by listing the cost for many parts on our website. Additionally, we encourage customers to contact our service professionals to inquire about the availability of items that are not listed on our website. When inquiring about spare parts, you should have the following information handy if possible:  

  • The product part number
  • A description of the part if you do not have a part number
  • A photo of the part that you require
  • The quantity that you require

As an added step, you may wish to inquire about which parts are most likely to become worn in your tank, and the possibility of procuring those parts as a precautionary measure.  

Providing a Clear and Detailed Quotation

At, we realize that every dollar counts for your company. Most of our customers require a detailed quotation in order for their purchasing departments to approve procurement of parts or services. Our product specialists will provide you with a written quotation promptly so that you can evaluate your options as quickly as possible. More important, we ensure that your quotation includes the following:  

  • The price of the repair work, service or parts that you require
  • An estimated time of completion for repair work quoted
  • A shipping estimate (for parts, if applicable)
  • An expiration date
  • Your representative’s name and our company’s contact information

The Significance of our Warranty

The inclusion of a warranty with our services and products is an illustration of our confidence in our expertise at It is important to note that the warranty period and terms may differ based upon the product or type of repair being quoted. For instance, consumable accessories such as filters typically carry a shorter warranty than modules, boards and other key components. Your quotation should include the warranty terms for each product and service quoted.  

Offering the Highest Level of Customer Service

Our goal is to reduce your equipment downtime as much as possible. The team is committed to providing our customers with the highest level of customer service. We understand the importance of swift repairs and delivery of parts, and undertake every effort to help you address your need for tank repairs immediately. Please contact us to learn more about the repair services and equipment maintenance plans that we offer. We look forward to helping you save money and prolong the life of your hot melt equipment!