55 Gallon Hot Melt Drum Unloader


Product Highlights

Dispensing Hot Melt from 55 Gallon (200L) Drums Has Never Been Easier or More Affordable

This economical and reliable hot melt drum unloader offers a wide range of features and is setting the standard for high volume hot melt dispensing. It is available in standard and high output versions depending on application needs.

The standard output version can dispense up to 285 lbs per hour while the high output version can melt and dispense up to 475 lbs per hour.

Platen Options for 55 Gallon Hot Melt Drum Unloader

Let's start off with what a platen is. A platen for a 55 gallon drum unloader is the mechanism that presses down on the drum and melts the adhesive for dispensing. There are two types of platens available for the this drum unloader that will affect melt speed and ease-of-cleaning. 

Flat Platen for Drum Melter

A flat platen is, well, flat. It makes cleaning the machine after using much easier but provides a lower melt rate of 130 LBS (60 KG) per hour. Great for low to mid volume applications that are looking to cut down on cleaning time. 

Fin Platen for Drum Melter

A fin platen offers a ribbed surface and a much higher melt rate of 285 LBS per hour (130 KG) which is great for higher volume applications. But, those ridges are harder to clean making maintenance a little more time consuming. 

Features of this 55 Gallon Hot Melt Drum Unloader

  • Automatic Blow-off Valve
  • Dual Pump Option
  • Built-in Pressure Relief Valve for Adhesive Output Pressure Adjustment
  • Drum Clamp for Operator Safety
  • Adhesive Sensor Controls
  • Optional Vent Hood

Applications for the Polyurethane Hot Melt 55 Gallon Pail Unloader

  • Coating / Laminating
  • Specialized Product Assembly
  • Woodworking
  • Roll Coating
  • Automotive and Panel Assembly

Why Buy from Hotmelt.com?

We're more than an eCommerce company. We have trained application engineers on-staff who can help with product recommendations, testing and on-site installation. Contact us with questions on dispensing hot melt adhesives from a 55 gallon drum unloader and know you'll be getting the best service and industry low pricing. 


  Standard Output Model High Output Model
Tank Capacity (L) 55 Gallon (200L) Drum 55 Gallon (200L) Drum
Melting Capacity Up to 285 Lbs per HR Up to 475 Lbs per HR
Adhesive Type Polyurethane PUR Hot Melt Polyurethane PUR Hot Melt
Temperature 85-450F (30-230C) 85-450F (30-230C)
Max Viscosity 100,000 cps 100,000 cps
Working Hydraulic Pressure 100 bar 65 Bar
Max Electrical Tank Consumption Max 18,500 Watt Max 39,300 Watt
Hydraulic Exits Up to 4 Up to 8

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