Nordson H20 Hot Melt Applicator
Nordson H20 Hot Melt Applicator
NORDSON 274702

Replacement for Nordson H20 Hot Melt Applicator

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Replacement for Nordson H20 Hot Melt Applicator 

The H20 applicators are single-module automatic applicators best used in applications requiring high flow rates and accurate bead size. They are excellent for high viscosity glues or highly filled glues.

This applicator is compatible with Nordson® bulk systems (or equivalent) and manufactured in the USA to the highest quality standards. 

Available Configurations

  • Nordson® 274702 H-20-T (RTD Sensors)
  • Nordson® 276778 H-20-T-W (RTD Sensors, Water Resistant)
  • Nordson® 120664 H-20-T-LBS (RTD Sensors, Large Ball and Seat)
  • Nordson® 274728 H-20-T w/micro-adjust needle (RTD Sensors)
  • Nordson® 815138 H20-1 TF/D, 2300 (RTD Sensors, Dual Filter)

Nordson H20 Replacement Hot Melt Applicator Works With

  • Nordson® H20 Applicators

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Replacement for Nordson H20 Hot Melt Applicator Resources

Do I need a large ball and seat H20 applicator?

The H20 LBS is manufactured with larger bore fittings and a larger ball-and-seat for applications using high viscosity or filled materials. Ideal for use with bulk melter applicators, the H20 LBS accommodates 5/8in. or 5/16in. hose diameters. 


Do I need a micro adjust needle applicator?

The micro-adjust H20 is useful for balancing flow rates in applications where flow control and precise bead size are critical. The micro-adjust needle and seat combination allows adhesive flow to be adjusted without changing hydraulic pressure.

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