Precision Needles for Super Glue and Structural Adhesive Dispensing


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Precision Needles for Super Glue and Structural Adhesive Dispensing Overview

The Precision Needles for Super Glue Dispensing works great for dispensing a small, but precise amount of adhesive into delicate or hard to reach areas. These needles can be used in conjunction with a luer lock adapter and attach to disposable static mixers or directly to super glue bottles. 

The Precision Needle is a quality, low-cost needle with a luer lock hub and stainless steel tubing. This needle is disposable and comes in a wide variety of gauge sizes to fit every application.

Pair the precision needles with the Black 10mm Luer Lock Adapter for Structural Adhesives for clean and fool-proof precision dispensing. The precision needles work great for home or industrial precision dispensing applications.

How to Use Precision Needles and Luer Lock Adapter

The precision needles are very easy to use and work with all Infinity Bond cyanoacrylate super glues. First, attach the luer lock adapter to the super glue bottle. The luer lock and precision needles are easy to twist into place. Once the needle is attached and twisted into the adapter it forms a locked connection, ensuring no liquids can leak - for a seamless and clean project. 

Questions on the Precision Needles for Super Glue Dispensing? has adhesive experts and equipment technicians on-staff ready to help with product recommendations, installation questions, and anything else you need. Contact us today for help with your current or new application.

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