Graco InvisiPac 24R083 Adapter Plate Kit


Product Highlights

  • Type: Hot Melt Replacement Parts
  • Brand: Graco InvisiPac

Graco InvisiPac 24R083 Adapter Plate Kit Overview

The Graco 24R083 mounting adapter plate kit is used to install the InvisiPac in place of an existing hot melt applicator system. Make the transition seamless with this easy to install adapter plate.

Graco 24R083 Installation Instructions

  1. Remove existing hot melt applicator system.
  2. Use six screws (1102) and six nuts (1103) to secure adapter plate (1101) through the existing holes from the previous system.
  3. Align the InvisiPac system with the bolts on the adapter plate (1101) then place onto the adapter plate (1101).
  4. Use the remaining three nuts (1103) to secure the InvisiPac system to the adapter plate (1101).
  5. Use elbow fitting (1104) to install system air inlet filter (A, not included with kit).

Whats Included in the 24R083 Kit

  • PT 1101 - PLATE Adapter X 1
  • PT 112395 Screw Flange Head Cap X 6
  • PT 112958 Nut, Hex, Flanged X 9
  • PT 121283 Fitting, Elbow, 45 Degree X 1

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