Astro AP30 Hot Melt Tank - Nordson ProBlue 15 Replacement

SKU: ASTRO 77900

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Product Highlights

  • Features: 30 LB Melter | Up to 4 Hose Attachments
  • Works with: Drop in Replacement for Nordson ProBlue 15
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Astro AP30 Bulk Hot Melt Tank Overview

The Astro AP30 bulk tank is a well built, reliable piece of hot melt dispensing equipment. It boasts a 30 LB melt tank and up to 4 hose connections for either manual or automated dispensing set-up.

The AP30 is a Nordson ProBlue 15 Drop-in Replacement

This unit is completely interchangeable with the Nordson ProBlue 15 and other bulk equipment including ITW, Melton and Nordson DuraBlue units. It uses the same Ni120 sensors insuring it will run seamlessly with any Nordson or other competitive hoses, guns and modules. 

Exceptional Quality and Value

The Astro AP30 offers top of the line reliability utilizing a Teflon coated, cylindrical tank design to minimize the effects of hot melt char build-up. This improves output reliability and greatly reduces downtime along with maintenance and repair costs. This unit is rugged and built to run under even the most demanding conditions.

Astro AP30 Features

  • Supported Applicators: The AP30 unit supports multiple applicators including air actuated, electric, handheld and custom applicator heads.
  • Multi Zone: 9 or 13 zone, digital display temperature controller with Ni120 RTD sensor accuracy.
  • Pump Details: Reliable positive displacement gear pump with fixed or variable speed AC motor for smooth, high performance pump rates.
  • Programming Options: Optional 7-day clock to easily program turn-on/turn-off time parameters for run-ready temperatures and improved shift production.

* Unit is 200-240 Volt


  • Drop in replacement for Nordson melters
  • One to four hoses with automatic applicagtors or hand guns
  • Simple, user friendly digital controls
  • No compressed air reduces maintenance costs and downtime
  • High performance pump rates up to 395 lbs/hr. (179kg/hr.)
  • Reliable, smooth output gear pumps to handle a wide range of materials

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