Low Temp Carton Closing Hot Melt



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Bonds To Cardboard
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Low Temperature
Low Temp


  • Quantity: 22lb Carton
  • Industry: Low Temp Packaging
  • Options: 1/2" & 5/8" 
  • Color: Light Tan

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Price: $139.04

Ad Tech 660 Hot Melt Overview

Ad Tech 660 hot melt glue sticks and slugs are a low temperature carton sealing adhesive that offer exceptional hot tack and a five second set time under compression.  The Ad Tech 660 comes in 1/2" and 5/8" hot melt sticks and 1 3/4" hot melt slugs so they can be used with a variety of hot melt guns.  Ad Tech 660 is great for wood, paper & cardboard, rigid foam and can used with  ABS, laminate, FRP, polycarbonate, acrylic in certain situations.

**Ad Tech hot melt size 1" x 3" is equal to 3M hot melt size PG**

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Hotmelt.com carries the full line of Ad Tech hot melt glue sticks and bulk products, contact us if you have any questions about this adhesive or for volume pricing.

Ad Tech 660 Glue Sticks Per Carton

  • 22 lbs of glue stick size 1/2" x 10" is approximately 396 glue sticks
  • 22 lbs of glue stick size 5/8" x 10" is approximately 233 glue sticks 

Ad Tech 660 Hot Melt Specifications

  • Softening point: 183°F (84°C)
  • Viscosity @ 225°F (107°C), Centipoise: 9,000
  • Specific gravity: 0.98
  • Shear tensile strength on pine, psi: 529
  • Adhesive tensile on pine, psi: 354
  • Adhesive tensile on steel, psi: 136
  • Hardness @ 72°F (25°C): 85
  • Heat resistance: 121°F (49°C)
  • Open time (approx) seconds: 35
  • Compression set time, seconds: 5