3M Polygun PG II Pneumatic Glue Gun




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Low Temperature
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  • Works With: 1" X 3" Glue Sticks
  • Use: Heavy Duty/Pneumatic
  • Brand: 3M
  • Part Number: High Temp (021200-22033) or Low Temp (021200-89395)
  • Options: High Temp or Low Temp

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Price: $995.00

3M Polygun PG II Overview

One of 3M's best selling hot melt guns, this pneumatic powerhouse offers a simple, reliable design capable of dispensing up to 7lbs of hot melt per hour. Add-on a bench mount and foot pedal to maximize efficiency and speed. 

The PG II applicator has a variety of hot melt tips and accessories to customize and adapt to even the most demanding applications. This pneumatic glue gun uses 1" X 3" glue sticks. Hotmelt.com carries all of the 3M hot melt options as well as a variety of money saving 1" X 3" glue stick options from alternate manufacturers. 

3M Polygun PG II Accessories, Nozzles, & Repair Parts

PG II Accessories

  • Heavy Duty Bench Stand for PG-II and PG-II LT (Part # 021200-22039)
  • Bench Mount (Part # 021200-21713)
  • Bench Nozzle Assembly (Part # 021200-21713)
  • Foot Pedal Assembly (Part # 021200-82278)
  • Speedloader and Cartridge Feed, Includes Bench Stand and Tips 9921, 9946

PG II Nozzles

  • Mini Extension Tim .072" for all 3M Applicators (Part # 9725)
  • T-Tip for all 3M Applicators (Part # 9726)
  • L-Tip for all 3M Applicators (Part # 9727)
  • .070" Tapered Aluminum Extension for all 3M Applicators (Part # 9785) 
  • 3 Hole Spreader for all 3M Applicators (Part # 9916)
  • 2 Hole Spreader, 1/4" Span for all 3M Applicators (Part # 9913)
  • .063" Fluted Tip for all 3M Applicators (Part # 9922)
  • .125" Fluted Tip for all 3M Applicators (Part # 9940)
  • .090" Fluted Tip for all 3M Applicators (Part # 9921)
  • High Viscosity Valve for TC, EC, PG-II (Part # 9729)
  • .072" Brass Extension for PG-II & PG-II LT (Part # 9946)

Repair Parts

Recommend Part Kits

We believe it never hurts to be prepared.  The 3M Scotch-Weld Hot Melt Applicator PG II is reliable and durable.  However, eventually some parts do wear out due to use and need replacements.  Having 3M PG replacements on hand helps you to maximize performance and reduces down time.  *Call for spare parts not available online.

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Hotmelt.com offers a low price guarantee on the 3M Polygun PG II glue gun and all of the 3M hot melt glue sticks. We also carry a variety of money saving hot melt sticks in the 1" X 3" size that will work with the PG II gun. Questions about your application? Save time and call one of our hot melt engineers for answers to all of you adhesive questions, (877)933-3343.