Free bulk hot melt dispensing equipment

Let's partner up and do something awesome.

We'll just put it out there. We want your business. We want all of your business and we're willing to go the extra mile with expert service and support, super low glue prices and even free equipment. That's right, we're willing to give qualified customers brand new, name brand hot melt equipment in return for simply moving their bulk hot melt business over to the experts at

We've done this long enough to know that large equipment purchases can be difficult to work into an annual budget. If you qualify, we can often get companies free or highly discounted equipment by simply becoming their bulk hot melt provider offering an equivalent or higher quality adhesive at a competitive price. 

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Please fill out the quick and easy 4 question form below to see if you qualify for free hot melt equipment. One of our adhesive engineers will review your account and get back to you quickly with the best hot melt offer anywhere.