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Ready to save thousands of $$$ on your hot melt? Check out the potential savings of moving to a hot melt stitching or dotting system with our simple calculator below. Hundreds of packaging and assembly companies have made the change, maybe it's time you do too.

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Adhesive Cost Savings

Upgrading to electric dotting will mean using considerably less adhesive, saving you a ton of money each year.

  • Current annual hot melt cost: ((( results.current_cost | money ))) / year

  • Using 3mm dot spacing: ((( results.three_mm_cost | money ))) / year (((( results.three_mm_savings | money ))) savings)

  • Using 5mm dot spacing: ((( results.five_mm_cost | money ))) / year (((( results.five_mm_savings | money ))) savings)

Additional Benefits

  • 1 billion cycles on dotting module (industry average 50 million)
  • Easy and affordable. Be up and running in less than 3 hours
  • Use your current hot melt tanks and hoses
  • All electric, no compressed air required

And the best news yet...

You may be eligible for a free dotting system upgrade by moving to a dot optimized hot melt.

Get a hassle free quote on upgrading to a hot melt dotting system. We'll provide a simple, no hidden fees proposal outlining all equipment and labor costs as well as n ROI estimate of your new system.

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