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Hot Melt Nozzles for Nordson Modules

We'd like to let you in an a little secret about Nordson® hot melt nozzles. You're paying too much. offers the industries highest quality, made in the USA hot melt nozzles for Nordson® modules and applicators at a fraction of the cost. So what do you think? It's time to stop paying for the Nordson® brand name and start paying less for high quality, low cost hot melt nozzles for you dispensing system needs.

Questions on choosing the right replacement nozzle for your Nordson® applicator? Contact one of our equipment experts to find the right product at the right price.

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Replacement Hot Melt Nozzles for Nordson® H200, ClassicBlue®, SolidBlue®, MiniBlue®, GM100, GS35, ReliaBlue and ReliaMini

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Replacement Hot Melt Nozzles for Nordson H20, E100 and E100XT Applicators and Modules

H20 and E100 Hot Melt Nozzles

These hot melt nozzles work perfectly in Nordson® H20, E100 and E100XT hot melt modules while offering significant savings over Nordson® branded parts.

Replacements for Nordson E900 Nozzles

E900 Nozzle Information

These hot melt nozzles work seamlessly with the Nordson® , (formerly Slautterback®) E900 hot melt modules. Made in the USA.

Hot Melt Hand Gun Replacement Nozzles

Hot Melt Nozzles for Hand Held Applicators

Shop hot melt nozzles for use with hand held applicators like the Nordson® AD31 or AD32 units.

Bulk Hot Melt Service, Repair and Upgrades

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