We get it. It's crazy out there right now. Consumers are staying home and the markets on edge, creating complex uncertainty for business leaders.

We've created a list of the Top 3 Profitability Issues facing end-of-line packaging operations.

Now is the perfect time to evaluate if these are plaguing your operation.

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the BIG 3

Profitability Pitfalls

Lost Production Time

Production line’s experiences an avg. of 3 ½ hours of unplanned downtime each week due to common equipment malfunctions & miss fires causing boxes to be missed.

Pneumatically activated guns randomly misfire when warming up each morning. The guns also fail due to the heavy wear & tear created from the repetitive impact from compressed air.

Adhesive Waste

Most companies are buying 2x the adhesive needed for their production.
Doubling their annual adhesive spend & increasing demand on supply chain logistics.

Spare Part Markup

Did You Know Spare part sales account for almost 70% of the annual sales plan for some sales staff of large Adhesive Equipment Manufactures?

They sell $10,000+ units, yet the bulk of their annual revenue comes from spare part failure. They want your parts to fail so they can cash in on large mark-ups.


Dotting Product Suite

Our Dot Optimized Product Suite has been proven to cut adhesive use by over 50% while reducing system downtime and wear & tear on equipment - ultimately reducing your spare part equipment costs.

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Increased Production Time

Cut Adhesive 50%

Avoid Excessive Spare Part Markup


Traditional adhesive stitching units for end-of-line packaging require expensive replacement parts, because they use compressed air that repeatedly shocks the equipment when applying a stitching pattern.

We got rid of compressed air! Our electronic heads last up to 10x longer significantly improving your production downtime while greatly reducing replacement part spend.

Instead of a traditional long line of adhesive, Dotting applies dots of adhesive with space between. Dotting can give you the same (or improved) hold strength as your current line adhesive…while using 50% less adhesive. Cutting your costs in ½!  

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Why Covid-19 is the perfect time to run a Line Trial.

  • Line managers have already reduced production due to lower consumer demand.
  • Freeing resources to test cost-effective solutions normally dedicated to max production.
  • Resources are available to support a successful trial.
  • Expense reductions & efficiency are vital for survival right now.

COVID-19 Low Impact Consultation & Install  

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