Cordless Glue Gun Kit


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  • Type: Light Industrial/Cordless Butane Powered
  • Stick Size: 1/2" (12mm) Hot Melt Sticks

Cordless Hot Melt Glue Gun Kit

The Cordless Glue Gun Kit provides a full service solution to hot glue applications that require you to work independently of an electrical outlet.  This kit includes the Gas Tec 600 Cordless Glue Gun, durable metal stand and 5lbs of our Infinity multi-purpose clear glue sticks.

Kit Includes

  • Gas TEC 600 Cordless Glue Gun
  • 5lbs Multi-purpose Glue Sticks
  • Durable Metal Stand - MDC009
  • 2 Refillable Butane Cartridges

Cordless Glue Gun

Power Adhesives Gas TEC 600 is a super high performance cordless glue gun that runs on refillable butane cartridges that can be replenished with any standard butane canister.  This cordless glue gun heats up in under 5 minutes and dispenses up to 3.3lbs of hot glue per hour.  The Gas TEC 600 uses 1/2" hot glue sticks.

Hot Glue Sticks

5lbs of our premium Infinity Melt multi-purpose glue sticks are a great way to get any project started.  These glue sticks work on a wide variety of surfaces and substrates offering strong adhesion and medium open time.

Glue Gun Stand

Metal glue gun stand is like having an extra set of hands on the job, perfect for when you need to set your gun down in between uses.  This metal glue gun stand is sturdy and durable.


  • Melt rate: 1.7kg (3.7lbs)/hr (typical)
  • Glue size: 12mm (½″) glue stick
  • Voltage: Gas powered
  • Wattage: 185W (equivalent)
  • Heater: Catalytic
  • Temp Control: Thermostatic gas valve
  • Hot melt gun °C (°F) 195°C (380°F)
  • Low melt gun °C (°F) Not available
  • Power cable: Cordless
  • Weight: 390g (14oz)
  • Packaging: PET blister (10 per ctn)

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