Replacement for Nordson® Solid Blue Low Profile Applicator


Replacement for: NORDSON 1057394

Sale price$1,861.00

Product Highlights

  • Works With:
  • Nordson® H200 Modules
  • Nordson® Surebead Modules
  • Nordson® Classic Blue Modules
  • Nordson® Solid Blue Modules
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Replacement for Nordson® SolidBlue Low Profile Applicator

SolidBlue applicators and modules are available in two designs. SolidBlue S applicators feature air-open/spring-closed (AO/SC) actuation and SolidBlue A applicators feature air-open/air-closed (AO/AC) actuation. Both applicator provide up to twice the service life of Nordson Classic Blue Series applicators. SolidBlue applicators and modules are the industry standards for general packaging applications. 

The replacement for Nordson® Solid Blue low profile applicator has a 0.88 centers, CA configuration. This applicator is compatible with Nordson® bulk systems (or equivalent) and manufactured in the USA to the highest quality standards. 

Available Configurations

  • SolidBlue A, 2-Module, 0.88 Centers, CA (Nordson® 1057394)
  • SolidBlue S, 2-Module, 0.88 Centers, CA (Nordson® 1057397)
  • SolidBlue S, 2-Module, 1.50 Centers, CA (Nordson® 1057403)
  • SolidBlue A, 4-Module, 0.88 Centers, CA (Nordson® 1057395)
  • SolidBlue S, 4-Module, 0.88 Centers, CA (Nordson® 1057404)
  • SolidBlue S, 4-Module, 1.00 Centers, IA (Nordson® 1057406)
  • SolidBlue S, 4-Module, 0.88-2.62-0.88 Centers, CA (Nordson® 1057407)
  • SolidBlue S, 4-Module, 0.88-2.75-0.88 Centers, CA (Nordson® 1057408)
  • SolidBlue S, 4-Module, 0.88-4.50-0.88 Centers, CA (Nordson® 1057409)
  • SolidBlue S, 4-Module, 0.88-1.50-0.88 Centers, CA (Nordson® 1057410)
  • SolidBlue S, 6-Module, 0.88 Centers, CA (Nordson® 1057411)

The water-wash version is also available.

Replacement for Nordson Solid Blue Low Profile Applicator Works With

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What are the main features of the Solid Blue Low Profile Applicator? 

  • Deliver reliable, long-life operation
  • Reduce module replacement costs
  • Feature new EasyOn design for faster installation
  • Large diameter heater improves service life
  • Inspection port allows visual monitoring of module performance

What does the 0.88 centers mean? 

0.88 centers is the distance from the center of one gun module to the center for the next gun module. 0.88 inches or 22 mm is the closest you can get for H200, Classic Blue, Solid Blue, and SureBead gun modules, which is the standard for most low profile applicators. 

What does "CA" stand for? 

CA stands for Common Air. If you have one solenoid valve controlling all the modules on a multi-module gun then it is called 'common air'. IA stands for Independent Air. If each module on a multi module gun needs to fire at separate times, then they require their own solenoid valve for each gun module, which is called independent air. 

OEM Part Number Option Price
NORDSON 1057394 SolidBlue A / 2 / 0.88 $1,861.00
NORDSON 1057395 SolidBlue A / 4 / 0.88 $2,450.00
NORDSON 1057397 SolidBlue S / 2 / 0.88 $1,208.00
NORDSON 1057404 SolidBlue S / 4 / 0.88 $1,488.00
NORDSON 1057407 SolidBlue S / 4 / 0.88-2.62-0.88 $1,778.00
NORDSON 1057408 SolidBlue S / 4 / 0.88-2.75-0.88 $1,778.00
NORDSON 1057409 SolidBlue S / 4 / 0.88-4.50-0.88 $1,778.00
NORDSON 1057410 SolidBlue S / 4 / 0.88-1.50-0.88 $1,778.00
NORDSON 1057411 SolidBlue S / 6 / 0.88 $2,267.00

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