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Infinity EconoPack Low Cost Packaging Bulk Hot Melt

Best Low Cost Adhesive for Case and Carton Closing: Infinity EconoPack Low Cost Packaging Bulk Hot Melt

Infinity EconoPack is low cost, not cheap. It is a made in the USA hot melt adhesive that is perfect for use in standard case and carton closing applications. Also available in hot melt glue sticks.

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Infinity FoamPack Foam Packaging Bulk Hot Melt

Best for Foam Packaging: Infinity FoamPack Foam Packaging Bulk Hot Melt

nfinity FoamPack hot melt was formulated specifically for foam and cardboard packaging applications. FoamPack offers a longer open time than standard packaging bulk hot melt products and has excellent wet tack. FoamPack is often used in packaging applications but can also be used in product assembly where foam and corrugated substrates are being bonded.

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Infinity Bond FreezerPack Freezer Grade Packaging Bulk Hot Melt

Best for Freezer Grade Packaging : Infinity FreezerPack Freezer Grade Packaging Bulk Hot Melt

Infinity FreezerPack freezer grade packaging bulk hot melt was formulated to stand up to even the most demanding cold temperatures. Freezer pack is often used in food packaging applications that require a fast set and then need to withstand cold environments for extended periods of time. Also available in hot melt glue sticks.

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Direct food contact safe bulk hot melt

Best for Food Grade Packaging: Direct Food Contact Safe, Low Odor Bulk Hot Melt Adhesive

A clean melting Metallocene bulk hot melt that is safe for direct contact with food. Unlike many bulk hot melt adhesives that boast the indirect food contact qualification, all of the components of this hot melt have been reviewed safe for direct food contact.

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Infinity WaxPack Coated Stock Packaging Bulk Hot Melt

Best for Coated Stock: Infinity WaxPack Coated Stock Packaging Bulk Hot Melt

Infinity WaxPack is, you guessed it, formulated to seal wax coated boxes in packaging. To 'bite' into a coated cardboard stock, WaxPack offers extra hot tack and grab to insure a strong bond. This adhesive has a fast set time and offers both heat and cold resistance making it a favorite among poultry, produce and other food packagers.

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InfinityPACK Plus E1370 Packaging Hot Melt

Best for Difficult Substrates: InfinityPACK Plus E1370 Packaging Hot Melt for Difficult Substrates

InfinityPACK Plus is a high-performance packaging hot melt adhesive. InfinityPACK Plus is excellent for tray forming and case/carton sealing applications. Infinity Bond E1370 is very heat stable with clean machining properties.

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Infinity Bond InfinityPack Premium Hot Melt Packaging Glue Sticks

Best Packaging Hot Melt Glue Stick: InfinityPack Premium Packaging Hot Melt Glue Sticks

Don't be fooled by the cost, InfinityPack is a low odor, high quality packaging glue stick that performs as well or better than many of its higher priced counterparts. InfinityPack glue sticks are a fast setting hot melt and offer and instant tack that sets up quickly.

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Infinity Bond EnviroMelt 100

Best Environmentally Friendly Packaging Hot Melt: Biodegradable Packaging and Product Assembly Hot Melt Adhesive

The Infinity Bond EnviroMelt 100 high performance bulk hot melt is 100% biodegradable and compostable. EnviroMelt can replace traditional petroleum based hot melts in a wide range of applications including bookbinding, carton closing, product assembly and laminating applications.

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Common Questions About Best Adhesives for Packaging

Tape is often associated with packaging, and though it may work for a very low volume of packages, once you move to a moderate to large number of packages, tape becomes increasingly inefficient and costly. Tape can disrupt your workflow which ultimately costs you a lot in terms of productivity. It also is sensitive to temperature and the bond can easily be compromised. Hot melt will result in a stroner bond and better-looking package, all while saving you money. 

Hot melt adhesives can bond small detailed cartons to heavy duty wraparound cases. It's perfect for bonding all types of packaging because the variety of formulas available make fitting every application need easy. Hot melt not only has a high heat resistance, but there are also formulas that can withstand temperatures as low as -40 degrees C and humid environments. Packaging comes in a wide array of materials, but even that does not effect the use of hot melt as it can firmly adhere to all types of paper, board and plastics along with various other substrates. Hot melt products are availble in bulk making it cost effective. 

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