Infinity Bond PA 2300 Polyamide Hot Melt Adhesive


Product Highlights

  • Brand: Infinity Bond
  • Type: Bulk Hot Melt
  • Hot Melt Type: Polyamide
  • Set Speed: Short
  • Bonds: General, Plastic, Wood, Metal
  • Application: Product Assembly, Filter Pleating

About Infinity Bond PA 2300 Polyamide Adhesive

Infinity Bond PA 2300 is a thermoplastic hot melt polyamide adhesive based on dimer acids. It has high heat resistance, fast set (low open time), moderate flexibility, and excellent chemical and grease resistance. Applications for this adhesive are for packaging, converting, metal bonding, and waterproof. 

Key Features of Infinity Bond PA 2300

  • High heat resistance
  • Fast set (long open time)
  • Moderate flexibility
  • Excellent chemical and grease resistance 

Great Adhesive for Air Filter Assembly

Infinity Bond PA 2300 hot melt is commonly used for air filter assembly. 


Specific Gravity  0.97 @25 Deg C
Ring & Ball Softening Point 170 - 177 Deg C ASTM E 28
Gardner Color 8 Maximum
Viscosity @ 190C 6,000-10,000cps
Acid Value 4-12 mg K)H/g
Amine Value 0-2.0 mg KOH/g
Flash Point 271 Deg C, COC, ASTM D6450

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