High Performance Hot Melt for Lucy Line Filter Assembly


Product Highlights

  • Industry: Filter Assembly & Manufacturing
  • Features: Pot Stable for 72 Hours - No Order, No Char
  • Brand: Infinity Bond

About High Performance Hot Melt for Lucy Line Filter Assembly

The Infinity Bond M2110 high performance Metallocene adhesive is pot stable for 72 hours with no odor, char or downtime from adhesive-related issues. This high performance hot melt is specially formulated for Lucy Line filter assembly applications. 

Overview of High Performance Metallocene Adhesives

Metallocene adhesives are a relatively new innovation in adhesives. This High Performance Hot Melt for Lucy Line Filter Assembly can eliminate many common adhesive problems such as charring, plugged nozzles and filters, odor, and stringing.

In addition, these formulations, through their lower density and aggressive bond nature, can greatly reduce the amount of adhesive you use per box and significantly reduce your total cost in use.  


Key Feature: Economical Metallocene

Application: Case sealing and erecting, good mileage and pot stability, value formulated Metallocene polymer. 

Service Temperature Range: -20° to 140°F

Specific Gravity: 0.95

Molten Gardner Color: 1-2

Viscosity at Application Temperature: 975 cP at 350°F

Application Range: 325°-375°F

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