Seeing is Believing when you experience Graco InvisiPac

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably had your eye on the Graco Invisipac since it hit the market. The game-changing vacuum adhesive system is putting traditional bulk melt machines to shame by reducing load time, reducing char, and cuttings costs thanks to the Invisipac’s on-demand adhesive delivery. Although many estimates suggest manufacturers can save up to 50% in costs on bulk melt adhesive and wasted work time unclogging, cleaning, and refilling hot melt tanks, the initial cost of the Graco Invisipac is still a sticking point. Literally.

Putting our Money Where Our Mouth Is:

We feel your pain. And we get it, it’s the last quarter and you’re fully allocated through the end of the fiscal year; so our goal is to help you finish the year with a bang and start 2016 off the right way. Now, through the end of December 2015, we are so confident this new technology will revolutionize your production line that we’ll give you the system – locked, loaded, and ready to go – free for 90 days. Yes, you read that right. Go ahead, read it again. Free. If you don’t love it, simply send it back. No hassles, no questions.

Still Skeptical?

Whoever said most deals are too good to be true, clearly wasn’t offering a good deal. At, we pride ourselves on being industry experts and evangelizing the latest and greatest adhesive technology. When something is this good, we like to get on board, which is why we were so excited to join forces with Graco as one of their official distribution partners.

This partnership gives us the manpower and product backing to share the Graco Invisipac with your team. Graco and Hotmelt trust each other and trust the product, so we are happy to absorb the initial risk of installation because this technology is too incredible not to share. Although you can return the system any time during your trial, we have a feeling you might want to keep it.

Getting the Invisipac to you is simple: simply contact us and we’ll build and install a custom Invisipac for your team. The rest is up to you.  It’s true, seeing is believing, so why wait to experience the benefits of Graco’s Invisipac? We’re here to set you up and support you along the way. There’s no risk in getting ahead of your competitors with the best, newest technology, but everything to gain. 

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