Protechnic Hot Melt Films and Webbing

Today we are going to highlight one of’s most unique vendors Protechnic. Protechnic is a leading manufacturer of hot melt film and webbing technology. Their products go into manufacturing applications including automotive, retail, building materials, clothing and more. Odds are, you own or have used a product made with Protechnic hot melt webbing and didn’t even know it.

Protecnic has two major manufacturing divisions, Thermoplast and Helioplast. Thermoplast manufactures and produces thermo adhesive webs, nets, and films, while Helioplast produces and prints plastic films that are used for decoration and protection purposes. These products are used heavily in both the automotive and textile industries, among many others. Let’s take a closer look at these separate divisions, their particular applications, and what industries they are used in.

Brief Overview of Thermoplast

Thermoplast is dedicated to the production of thermo adhesives. These include such adhesive technologies as thermo web, thermo film or thermo net, as well as so-called double-sided adhesive tape. These adhesives are applied via roll form technology designed for the dry lamination process.

Protechnic Thermoplast produces a wide range of thermo web, film, net, barrier, and multilayer adhesive technology, providing customers with a solvent free and cost effective adhesive that is also custom designed for their specific lamination needs. These products are also environmentally safe and can be recycled after use. They are currently used in markets like the home, automotive, clothing and fashion, industrial, and technology industries. 

Brief Overview of Helioplast

Helioplast is the division of Protechnic dedicated to the production, printing, and distributing of plastic film, including PMMA, acrylic, PVC, and more. For the last 40 years, Helioplast has been working in 50 different countries, developing more than 500 designs, including woods, carbon, brushed aluminum, and marble, that offer both functional and decorative qualities to their customers.

Because films produced by Helioplast are so dynamic in their functional and decorative qualities, they have a wide range of applications in various markets and industries. In housing/building applications, Helioplast technology is used for applications like window and siding (profile) lamination, wall protection, and on doors and shutters; in the transportation industry, such film is used for decorative labeling; and yet, in other industries like merchandise, it is used for product labeling and the production of shoe soles, suitcases, and even furniture. Whatever the industry, Helioplast has the solution.

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