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Manufacturer Review: Power Adhesives

Power Adhesives is a leading manufacturer of hot melt glue guns, glue sticks and bulk products based out of the UK with a distribution office and warehouse in the United States. Power has a proven track record of creating the highest quality hot melt products at exceptional prices. They are also innovators in the field of developing new glue guns and dispensing products that optimize output, reliability and ease of use.

Power Adhesives Hot Melt

Power Adhesives has an excellent line up of hot melt sticks and bulk products. They feature some of the more standard general purpose and packaging hot glues but really excel in their specialty hot melt offering. They have an excellent book binding hot melt that can be used used in both small and large productions and a great carpet tacking product which eliminates the need for nails when laying carpet. You may also want to check out their line of Polyamide hot melts used in electronic potting applications and in woodworking for doing knot filling.

Power Adhesives Glue Guns

Power Adhesives has a very complete line of hot melt glue guns ranging from entry to high volume industrial. But don't be fooled by the term 'Entry', the new TEC 805 performs like a gun three times its price and is available in a 5/8" version making it the lowest cost 5/8" glue gun on the market. Another Power Adhesives gun we love is the TEC 600 cordless glue gun. The TEC 600 is powered by butane and is perfect for onsite applications or when mobility is a must. Finally, the TEC 6100 bead & TEC 6300 Spray guns offer maximum output and reliability for high volume applications.

Power Adhesives and Hotmelt.com

Hotmelt.com is a leading distributor of Power Adhesives hot melt glue sticks, bulk products and guns. We have extensive knowledge in the Power products and stock many of their popular products. Hotmelt.com will always offer the most competitive prices on all Power Adhesive hot melt and glue guns.

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