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At, we always strive to bring our customers the best quality products from the most renowned names in the business. Our goal is to always to help you find exactly what you are looking for, while getting you the most superior service available. With that in mind, is proud to announce our new partnership with Wisdom Adhesives Worldwide. Wisdom has been a leading name in the business since 1875, and has since become a worldwide leader in the industrial hot melt and water based adhesives.

Wisdom Adhesives develops and manufactures custom-made adhesives for a variety of industries, including graphic arts, product assembly, textile, packaging, paper converting, bookbinding, and also general-purpose industries. Their professionalism and personalized service has made them the longest operating adhesive manufacturer in North America, and they are still focused on developing the leadership to grow in their worldwide capabilities. Customer oriented and eco-friendly, Wisdom is dedicated to moving the hot melt industry into the 21st century, and now, as a partner with, they can bring their services to you.

Research and Development

The professionals at Wisdom Adhesives are always working to improve the quality and dependability of their products. Their home facility in Elgin, IL, just outside Chicago, is equipped with the most advanced processing equipment and has a team of dedicated on-site scientists who are always working to strengthen Wisdom’s product line and service capabilities.

Wisdom specializes in the development of water-based, dextrin, and protein adhesives, which include hot melt capabilities that can produce pressure sensitive, mini-chip, and other such specialty products. They also offer a wide variety of packaging, tolling, and private labeling services to help you make your company both efficient and successful.

Environmentally Conscious

Today, protecting our environment from harmful production and manufactured waste is more important than ever. Wisdom Adhesives is a proud manufacturer of Green Bond Sustainable Adhesives. These adhesives are recyclable, biodegradable, and still capable of providing top quality performance in a wide range of applications. These adhesives provide clean waste streams and use less energy to reduce their affect on greenhouse gases and give us all cleaner air to breathe.

Exceeding Customer Service

At Wisdom Adhesives, customer service is the number one priority. They have an experienced team of knowledgeable professionals and adhesives specialists ready to help you with any problem or question that might come your way. Wisdom prides itself on its longtime commitment to responding to customer enquiries with a 24-hour turnaround time, so you get the answers and support you need fast and when you need them. After all, exceeding our customers’ expectations is “The Wisdom Way.”

You can now find our extensive line-up of Wisdom Adhesive products at For more information on Wisdom and their services, pay us a visit at or contact us for further information, questions, or concerns.

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