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Save on Gummy Glue with a Pneumatic Dispensing Applicator

Save on Gummy Glue with a Pneumatic Dispensing Applicator

Has your gummy glue application expanded?

Are you stick and tired of applying your fugitive glue by hand with a 3M Polygun LT or Surebonder Pro100? Well, say hello to the big league: Surebonder's 753 Stationary Pneumatic Hot Melt Applicator.

There are some big advantages to moving to a bulk gummy glue system if you can get over the price shock of upgrading your equipment.

The 753 bulk tank is over $1000 but before you click away let's discuss the price advantages this unit can offer from an adhesive and efficiency standpoint. If you are completely new to gummy glue applications, you can also start by reading about all of the dispensing options here

Increasing Efficiency

This bulk unit from Surebonder is designed for hands-free assembly line application. It has a 2 pound melt tank and a shot timer, which allows you to dispense the exact same amount every time the foot pedal is compressed. But if you need varied amounts, no problem, just use the foot pedal for on-demand gluing.

Dispensing the same amount of glue at every shot allows you to calculate exactly how much glue you will need and reduce usage by avoiding over sized dots. On the flip side, you will also avoid under-sized dots resulting in adhesion failure. Double win.

Lower Cost Adhesives

Now that you are dispensing more efficiently, it's time to take a look at the glue. Moving to the 753 system allows you to use a bulk gummy glue. In some cases, this can save you over $30 per LB! That savings adds up very quickly even for medium sized applications.

Some More Awesome Features

Here's some of the feature highlights of the 753:

  • Pneumatic
  • Shot Timer
  • Foot Pedal
  • Uses Bulk Hot Melt
  • Includes 3 Interchangeable Nozzles
  • Not Just for Gummy Glue - Dispenses Any Hot Melt

Other Bulk Dispensing Options

We are happy to offer a few other bulk gummy glue dispensing options. Check out the Champ 3 or the PAM Buehnen Extrusion HB710 Glue Gun for hand held options. 

Questions on gummy glue dispensing? Contact us to discuss the right solution for your application and budget.