Graco InvisiPac and Summit Brewing Case Study

Graco InvisiPac in the Beer Industry: Overview

Graco’s revolutionary hot melt dispensing system, the InvisiPac, has helped thousands of businesses across various industries see a drastic increase in savings on their production time and hot melt costs, as well as an increase in their overall productivity. One such industry that is experiencing a great deal of success with the InvisiPac system is the brewing and bottling/packaging industry. Even local breweries, like Summit here in Twin Cities, Minnesota, have experienced a great wealth of success with the InvisiPac system because of the control the system allows floor managers and workers to anticipate and solve problems that can occur on a brewery floor on a daily basis. Let’s take a closer look at exactly how InvisiPac is helping brewery and packaging companies exceed their current production rates.

InvisiPac Saves Time

Traditional hot melt systems use tanks that can take up to an hour to heat up before your adhesives are ready to be dispensed. These systems also pose a greater risk of clogs developing in your nozzles and hoses because of the longer heating time and a lack of ability to control the volume of adhesives entering your tanks. Such issues can cause major delays on the floor while workers wait for adhesives to warm up and/or repairs or clogs to be attended to.

The InvisiPac system single-handedly solves all of these issues. Its tankless hot melt distribution system saves you time, with no huge crockpot-like tanks that can take up to an hour to heat up. The InvisiPac also uses a vacuum system to feed adhesive glue into the heating system a few pellets at a time, reducing downtime waiting for glue to melt to only five minutes. Because the volume of dispensed adhesives can now be controlled, InvisiPac also greatly reduces the risk of your equipment becoming clogged or damaged, and can reduce the amount of char that builds up in your system from longer heating times. This also saves you time on general maintenance like cleaning, fixing broken-down equipment, and money spent on replacing parts like modules, hoses, and nozzles.

Save On Bulk Hot Melt

InvisiPac already saves you a great deal of money on hot melt adhesives by using a vacuum to control the volume of materials you use at a time. But if that wasn’t enough, its dispensing technology has taken it one step further. Unlike traditional hot melt dispense systems, InvisiPac uses a process, or technique, called stitching. Stitching is done by replacing larger, continuous beads of hot melt with a series of smaller beads in a stitch-like pattern to achieve the same degree of adhesion using less amounts of material. This means you save more money on adhesive materials because you can use less to get the same results.

The InvisiPac’s tankless system also eliminates the need to purchase expensive, low-char hot melt because it produces next-to-no char buildup like other systems do. This means you can buy more standardized hot melt adhesives and still achieve the same quality results without having to sacrifice your own standards, the quality of your product, or the expectations of your customers.

Have A Cleaner Work Environment

Savings on time and money aside, the InvisiPac also makes life on the production floor more enjoyable for your hard-working employees. The system eliminates the horrible smells that often come with tank-based hot melt systems, making for a cleaner working environment and a more satisfying job for everyone at the business.

As is the case with Summit Brewing Co. here in the Twin Cities, hundreds of breweries across the country have enjoyed tremendous success with the InvisiPac hot melt dispensing system. InvisiPac has not only revolutionized hot melt dispensing technology, but also the way countless brewing/packaging companies now bottle their products. For more information on the success of InvisiPac and its applications in various industries, or for a consultation on how you can upgrade your outdated dispensing system, please contact us online through our website, or call (877) 933-3343.

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