Graco and Announce Distribution Partnership
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Graco and Announce Distribution Partnership

Graco and Announce Distribution Partnership

Here at the editorial desk, we are always hard at work creating original, informative content for our readers, but we don’t often get to post breaking news. That’s why today, we’re excited to announce the official partnership between Graco, one of the world’s largest providers of material and equipment to the manufacturing and processing industries, and, the industry leader in hot melt and equipment. Specifically, our two companies have cut a deal to bring the InvisiPac system, Graco’s award-winning, revolutionary tank-free hot melt dispensing system, to

This is a big, big deal for us, because we finally get to work side-by-side with the good folks at Graco (fellow Minnesotans, you know) who are no strangers to game-changing inventions. You can find their innovative products in industries as diverse as food preparation, automotive maintenance, construction and even in baby bottles.

Now, with the release of the InvisiPac, you see Graco everywhere in the packaging industry. The new hot melt dispensing system is not just some incremental technological iteration that tweaks a few steps in the process – it’s a revolutionary new way to apply adhesive. It’s such an improvement over current technology, in fact, that it won the UBM Canon Gold Visionary Award in 2013, and it’s already changing the way packaging is done across America.

That’s because the InvisiPac system is completely tank-free. Instead, it heats up bulk hot melt pellets in small batches in a compact melting chamber. This greatly reduces heat-up time, bringing adhesive to operating temperature at around ten minutes, and it also produces significantly less char – which means a lot less related maintenance, because there is no tank to scrape and no possibility of plugged nozzles. This frees up your personnel to be more productive elsewhere, upping the efficiency of your line and reducing your downtime. Bonus: Bulk hot melt pellets are a low-cost adhesive, but InvisiPac coaxes an excellent performance level from them – which means you get more glue for less money. 

The partnership with Graco is one more of the many ways in which we pursue our mission: Serving the best products on the market, saving our customers as much money as possible, and solving all the world’s hot melt problems, wherever they may rear their ugly, sticky heads. That’s why we’ve long led the industry as a distributor of hot melt and equipment, and it’s also why we have never rested on our laurels (and never will.) We’re having way too much fun.

So there you have it: as of right now, you can find the innovative InvisiPac Tank-Free system at – which means you can move forward into the future of packaging technology today. 

Read more about Graco’s 91 years of innovation and leadership here. Read more about the revolutionary InvisiPac Tank-Free system here. If you have any questions or comments for our expert team of glue nerds here at, don’t hesitate to contact us online or give us a call at (877) 933-3343.

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