Candle Making Wick Safety - Why the Right Hot Melt Matters

Candle Making Wick Safety - Why the Right Hot Melt Matters

Candle making, both commercially and by hobbyists, is increasing in the United States each year. The materials for making candles are relatively inexpensive and easily accessible but not all materials are created equal. 

Why Safety Matters

According to the National Candle Association, there are an average of 18,000 home fires each year and approximately 36% of these occur because candles are left unattended. For many of these candle related fires, especially in multi-wick candles, wick migration in glass jars is the cause. 

So what is wick migration? Wick migration is when the candle wick base moves either during the wax fill process, shipping or while the candle is being burned. This can cause a wide range of safety issues like having wicks burn together creating intense heat & flames or wicks burning too close to the edge of the candle. 

How to Counter Wick Migration

Better candle building materials make safer candles and there is no better adhesive to use to bond a wick to the floor of a candle than Infinity Bond A1260. This bulk hot melt adhesive has had extensive testing by Mast Laboratories and Adhesive Technologies and shown no wick movement even when candles are burned at a 10% incline. 

The Infinity A1260 hot melt was also run through extensive drop testing including a 3-foot drop test using candles that had been cooled to 30 degrees F. These tests also showed no migration when using the Infinity A1260 adhesive.

The Infinity A1260 is specially formulated to have both heat resistance and excellent cold resistance. This means it won’t move when the candle is being burned and it won’t become brittle and come unglued even when being shipped or stored in cold climates. 

 Candle wick migration test for candle manufacturers


The two largest candle manufacturers in the United States have both mandated that Infinity A1260 be used in all of their candles for wick placement. This is first and foremost because it helps create the safest candles possible but also reduces the candle makers liability because they are using the highest quality, safest product on the market. 

If you have questions about the Infinity Bond A1260 candlewick hot melt or any other adhesive related questions, please feel free to contact us directly to discuss your specific application needs.