End of Line Carton Closing for Beverages

Glue Guns for End of Line Packaging

Hot melt is one of the most important tools in beverage carton closing to ensure your products stay safely packaged until they reach consumers. Here at Hotmelt.com, we can advise you and give you a quote to find the best hot melt equipment for your beverage packaging needs. 

Handheld glue guns are a valuable tool to have available at your end of line production to repair damaged packaging before your product is sent off. If you already are using an in-line application system, we recommend you also have at least one glue gun available for the inevitable quick fixes that will need to be made.

How many handheld glue guns should you have?

This is determined by your overall production. Smaller operations maybe just need one or two, but others may require more. The best way is to decide what glue gun is right for you and how many you need is to give us a call so one of our knowledgeable team members can give you professional advice. 

Why should you have a glue gun if you're using an in-line system?

In-line systems aren't perfect. When your in-line system doesn't seal your carton properly or if there is a malfunction, it's always a good idea to have a back-up system of package closing that can be done by hand. Glue guns are the best way to prepare for these scenarios and most importantly, they are budget-friendly, so there is no reason not to make the investment. 

What are glue guns used for at the end of line production?

Handheld hot melt guns make it easy to repair partially glued cases, reglue cases or replace damaged boxes that come off the machine.

What glue guns are good for this task?

The Infinity Bond Scout is great because of its 2-minute warm-up time and ultra-sturdy stand to prevent tipping when it's not in use. The Infinity Bond Scout is great to keep around your end of production line to repair cartons, even if there is time between uses. 

Another Infinity Bond glue gun that works well for additional packaging needs is the Infinity Bond Ranger PRO. With a 330 watt heater, adjustable temperature control, built-in stroke adjustment, and a very sturdy metal stand, this glue gun has all the features you need for sealing packages at your end of line production. It also accepts 1/2 inch glue sticks, which means you'll be able to use a wide range of glues, and choose which glue stick works best for your application. 

What glue stick is best?

Whether you're sealing cardboard, wood, metal, or varnished material for freezer packages, Hotmelt.com offers a wide range of glue sticks for any application. One of our favorites and most versatile glue stick is the InfinityPack. Specifically for cardboard and corrugated surfaces, we recommend the EconoPack. Infinity Bond also offers a freezer-grade glue stick formulated to withstand freezer or refrigerated conditions. Additional options for standard applications are the TEC Bond 342 and Ad Tech 610 glue sticks. 

Having trouble with your current in-line system?

If you're having continuous issues with your current in-line bulk hot melt system it may be time to consider upgrading your system. Hotmelt.com offers a variety of dependable hot melt dispensing systems for any budget. Great for carton closing and a variety of other purposes is the Infinity Bond EasyMelt

Save Money with Bulk Dispensing and Hot Melt Dotting

If you have already made the switch to bulk hot melt systems, you know how much money you save on glue. If you're looking for a way to save even more, consider hot melt dotting. Dotting can save you 50% on glue and the system installation takes less than 3 hours, so you can easily make the upgrade. 

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If you still have questions about choosing a glue gun for end of line production, or you are considering upgrading to a new bulk dispensing system with dotting, contact us. Our knowledgable staff is happy to assist. 

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